Basic and Applied Herpetology (B&AH) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Herpetological Societies of Spain (AHE) and Portugal (APH). B&AH is continuation of the Revista Española de Herpetología, published yearly since 1986. B&AH publishes original research papers, reviews or short notes, in English or Spanish, dealing with any aspect of amphibians and reptiles worldwide. Since the aim of the editorial board is to speed up the publication process, editorial decisions regarding manuscripts submitted to B&AH will be communicated within 90 days approximately. Shortly after acceptance and galley proof correction, a PDF version of the paper will be available online in the AHE website.

Submit your manuscript as email attachments to the address

ISSN: 2255-1468 (Print), 2255-1476 (Online)

Indexed in: Scopus, Zoological Record, Latindex, CINDOC, Revicien, Dialnet and SCImago