Roadbike tour to Grado

Welcome  to our Radltour!

 September 16, 2918 trough September 20, 2018

Heide, gardener, always strong and still young
Margit, with her e-bike
Raimund, always young...
Iris, tired and retired bicyclist

A wonderful repeat tour among friends. In sunny weather conditions.

As there is no time to stall.

we traveled by train to Tarvisio Boscoverde train station.
The bike trail (Bahnweg) is right at the station. It leaded us on good marked roads down to Grado.
At Grado we spent one rest day with a swim at the Adriatic sea.
Our return way has been different: To Udine by bicycle, further by train to Pontebba and then Passo Pramollo (Nassfeld)
Riding down the bike trail "R3" (Gailtalradweg) down to Arnoldstein, whereas we caught the train.

Enjoy the pictures and my short report.

Good luck to our followers.

1st day

 getting started
 watching the river flow...
 Heide, Raimund and Iris
 The train trail is located on a old railroad course
 a gallery
 view to the bike trail
 "my" group
 tunnels over tunnels
 the typical train trail
 tunnels, whereas the light switches on automatically
 so many tunnels
 arrived at hotel Ramandolo
Tel. +390432470994 - a 4*hotel

2nd day


Our hotel at Grado
Hotel Europa - phone.: +39043180600

3rd day
our rest day - exploring Grado and... a wonderful swim in the warm Adriatic sea

 main street in old town
 a stroll throughout the old town


4th day
riding back (Udine, Pontebba, Nassfeld)

 leaving our hotel
 our tired bicyclist
 Our Hotel at Nassfeld
Plattner's Alpenhotel - phone +4342858285

walk and views on the top of Nassfeld


5th day
ride down Nassfeld and further on Gail-valley trail towards Arnoldstein to catch the train

 Nicolo-bridge at Nassfeld
 Nassfeld - downhill on Carithian side
 rest on Gail river banks
 bicycles needed a rest as well
 Nassfeld - good by - maybe I cannot do it again...