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Admin (Server owner):巴哈板孫文 (Bahamut Sun-Wen)


News (GMT +8)

2017/02/10 Change Surf Server Ip to Bahamut Surf)

2017/02/10 VIP system haves some problems, will be fixed soon.

2017/02/10 We are back! Let's come for fun or competitive!

2016/06/26 We are going to shut down the servers for few weeks because we need to move all players' datas to the new server.

2016/06/05 Changed to TGPA Radio from FragRadio.

2016/05/30 Added 22 Skins for VIPs. LIST

2016/05/22 Added 5 Surf's Maps: Here , Changed Rank Points in Surf.

2016/05/01 Added 5 Surf's Maps: Here

2016/04/23 Added 5 Surf's Maps: Here

2016/04/16 Added 14 Surf's Maps: Here

2016/04/05 Added 19 KZ's Maps: Here , changed All Rank Points in KZ.

2016/04/04 Added 18 Surf's Maps: Here

2016/03/26 Added 9 Surf's Maps: Here

2016/03/18 Added 7 Surf's Maps: Here

2016/03/16 Added new commands and Skin for VIPs, For more....here and here.

2016/03/14 Now will show  the Difficulty of maps in nominations and votes.

2016/03/13 Added 6 Surf's Maps: Here

2016/03/12 Added 19 Surf's Maps: Here

2016/03/11 Added 9 Surf's Maps: Here

2016/03/09 Remade Surf Rank, visit Server informations Page for more details.
2016/03/09 Added Surf maps:spacejam, forbidden_swag, forbidden_tomb, 
2016/03/09 classics2, glass9, glass7, amplitude_apex, rainbow.

2016/03/06 Added Surf maps: ing, annoyance, beginner2_b, colors_beta1, 
2016/03/06 prelude, presmon.

2016/03/05 Added KZ map: kz_village_lp , Removed KZ map: kz_bhop_yonkoma

2016/03/05 Change Surf Server's port to 27050.

2016/03/05 Surf Server updates to Global settings. 
2016/03/06 Added maps:ace_fix, fruits, vegetables, wood, kitsune2 Bonus.

2016/03/02 Connection problems again, need to find out where the bug is.

2016/02/29 Fix Connection problems from all regions except Taiwan. 
2016/03/06 Change Surf Server's port to 27021.

2016/02/29 0:00~2:00 ISP connection have some problems.

2016/02/27 English Website finished and released. 

2016/02/27 Traditional Chinese Website finished and released.

2016/02/26 Website created.