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[Include a description here about the goals and objectives for this meeting and MapUp event.  Describe why you are holding the MapUp, and also what you hope to see after the MapUp is finished.]

The University of Colorado Mapping Club is hosting a Google MapUp event, and would like you to attend!  This MapUp event will bring together students and citizens of the University of Colorado and the city of Boulder.  The goal for this event is to create a comprehensive map of the university's campus, as well as the surrounding city area near the campus.  The edits we make will be seen on Google Maps once they are approved, and will help visitors and residents alike.  Please register if you are interested.  We would be happy for you to join us!

When:  October 1, 2011

Where:  University of Colorado, Hale Sciences Building

Bring your laptop and a mouse with yout!  [Change this part as applicable.  Let the participants know what to bring, and what to expect at the facility]

[Include a map for people to reference.  Click on the map below and select "Properties" then change the address of the event location, then save]

University of Colorado, Hale Science Building