Phenomenal Woman Essay

The phenomenal woman I’d like to write about is Sarah Liggett, a fellow student here at BYU-Idaho.  She is a young woman who has touched lives in remarkable ways.  Sarah is the kind of person who looks for the sheep who get lost in the crowd.  She finds those who are shy and feel left out.  She finds those who need a friend.  She finds those who don’t know themselves and helps them discover who they are.  She’s full of zeal for life, and infuses that love for living into others, who then pay it forward.  As I’ve gotten to know her, I’ve met some of those who have been changed by her righteous influence for the better, and who are still close friends with her.

She finds people to help through her many service activities.  She volunteers on the Student Representative Committee, as a mentor for I-Reps and I-Team leaders for Get Connected, and then as an I-Rep or I-Team leader as needed.  She has served as a missionary in Brazil, and currently serves as a gospel doctrine teacher and works in the baptistery at the temple.  She rekindled the Brazilian Society on campus, and is currently its president.  She has worked at the youth therapy organization known as “Outback” in the desert near Lehi, Utah.  She will be working at another similar organization known as the “Anasazi Foundation” in the desert of Arizona this coming summer.  These are only some of the major and regular services she has been involved in and where she has helped and strengthened others around her.  Her random acts of kindness on a daily basis go unheeded by many, but those who receive that special attention from her are changed forever.

Sarah is well read in all sorts of good literature, and draws lessons from their pages into regular conversation.  She knows the Bible and much of its background history better than many of us know the Book of Mormon.  If you spend any time around her at all you’ll be moved by her testimony that leaks out not just through her words, but through all she does.  You can take a walk with her and she will notice things along the way that witness of Christ and she will comment on them.  I can’t see how anyone could get to know her and not come away with a stronger testimony of the Savior.  She has helped the Spirit find access into the hearts of many, and they have been changed for the better. 

Sarah has blessed my life, as I have been one of those sheep that has been lost in the crowd.  She helped me find myself.  She’s been a wonderful friend who has filled me with a love for life that I hope to share with others.  Getting to know the people who were once like I was and who have changed like I have has been a testimony to me that she has been this way for years, and just keeps getting better.  

For all these reasons and more, I submit that Sarah Liggett is a phenomenal woman, more than worthy of recognition during Women’s History Month.