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posted Aug 17, 2008, 8:16 PM by Deborah Williams
Over the past month we collected many, many items to fill over 200 bags.  On August 14th,  we delivered over 100 bags to the Krause Centre in Katy and on August 16, the same was delivered to the Nelson Centre in Denton.  This incredible delivery was accomplished in a very short period of time and was a very exciting moment in the lives of the children who received them.   The BAGS OF HOPE team answered my pleas for help instantly, by providing supplies, volunteer time and much needed donations.  You sewed around the clock, sent out requests for help, joined me in massive shopping sprees and practically lived with me for two days while we stuffed bags!   I am blessed to have so many generous women on the BAGS OF HOPE team and will always be touched by the gift of love you have given the children who so desperately need to know they are loved.  You have given them hope and a reason to smile.