Bag Construction and Contents

Most bags are created from placemats,  (yes! placements), though some sewers choose to create their own designs from a pattern.  Each bag is embellished with a unique selection of buttons, beaded fringe, ribbon, glitter paint, foam cut-outs or even embroidery.  Then, to finish off this work of art, each bag is adorned with a pocket on the front, or inside.  Colours and designs are completely your personal choice.  Be conservative or go wild with your creations.  God has made each of us unique.... there IS a child who will specifically choose your special design!
You do not have to be an expert sewer to design and complete a bag.  Our method was carefully chosen so that everyone who wants to create a bag can do so with ease.
Ready-made canvas bags with no zippers, this classic shoulder backpack comes in orange, gray, blue and red.
Each shoulder strap must be cut and re-assembled with velcro for saftey purposes.
You do not have to be an expert sewer to design and complete a bag.  Our method was
carefully chosen so that everyone who wants to create a bag can do so with ease.  If you
have any questions please go to the  "CONTACT"  page to get help from our volunteer
'Bag Ladies'.
Because of the abuse endured by most of the children who are admitted to the centers, there is a high risk of self-harm or harm to others.  For this reason, it is extremely important to make sure everything we send to the centre is free from ribbon, straps, etc. longer than 8 inches, or anything sharp or jagged.
Brush and combs
Combs cannot have pointed handles
Chap Stick
Shampoo and Conditioner
metal toe clips and tags must be removed
Stuffed animals
 no ribbon around the neck longer than 8 inches
 remove all tags
 eyes must not have jagged/sharp points on backside
Snacks:   examples-  packaged chips, cookies, crackers, nuts, popcorn etc.  NO GUM
Games:  examples-  checkers, UNO, cards, puzzles,  sports cards, books, beach balls, squishy balls, dominoes, crosswords
 Please avoid games with pencils, pens or pointed/sharp games pieces.  Staples must be
removed from books 
Toothpaste and toothbrush
Body Lotion
Soap or bodywash
NO ALCOHOL in contents of body wash
"Oh The Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss
Journals:      We use COMPOSITION BOOKS  that have no spirals or staples.  They are creatively  embellished with ribbon, buttons, decorative paper and stick-ons.  Avoid words that might be sensual or relating to 'family'.  Nothing sharp or jagged can be afixed to the journals.
Pillowcases: Standard size pillowcases can be homemade or store bought as long as the finished product is fun and decorative.  Any trims must be double stitched to prevent removal by children who might want to self-harm.
GIRLS:  Usually we purchase pajama bottoms when they are on sale.  T-shirts are then frilled  around collers and arms and often decorated with an embroidery machine, choosing a design that matches the bottoms.  The result?  A beautifully created pajama set.   Note:  Of course, complete sets are also acceptable.
 BOYS:   The same criteria applies to boys, except t-shirts are left plain.   
*** For safety purposes, all drawstrings in pajamas
must be removed  
One more thought:  
We are gender sensitive to items such as soaps, brushes/combs, shampoo and conditioner, chapsticks, socks, deodorant and stuffed animals. 
And, all items are NEW.  Many of these children have NEVER had anything new in their lives.  This is our opportunity to allow these children the joy of having something that is completely their own for the first time.