Plastic Bag Ban Goes Global!        San Jose, CA, the tenth largest city in the US, now has decided to ban plastic bags and charge a fee for distributing paper bags.
Plastic Bag Free Zone/Plastic Bag Ban in San Jose

Christmas in the Park, a San Jose tradition, has declared a plastic bag free zone on it's property

and shares the news of the city's plastic bag ban.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, a small town in South India, Thiruvannamalai, undergoes similar changes.

A supermarket in the Indian town shares the exciting and maybe even surprising news to the residents of the city (above).

I have been involved with organizations in both these places and am happy to see positive changes being made in both areas. A plastic bag ban may not be an annihilation of the plastic bag, but is certainly a great way to immensely lessen the use of plastic.

Bags Gag recognized as Finalist in nationwide Barron's Prize

Bags Gag recognized as Semi-Finalist in nationwide Huggable Heroes program.

Bags Gag awarded Distinguished Finalist from Prudential Community Service Awards.

Bags Gag sent out over 340 online videos with pleas to stop using plastic bags.


Bags Gag invited to join Plastic Pollution Coalition -

Bags Gag working with celebrities and dignitaries in making online videos to persuade people to stop using plastic bags.

Bags Gag gets advisory and publicity support from ACE - Alliance for Climate Education.

Bags Gag goes Global:  Athman presents mission of Bags Gag to school children at Arunachala,
Tiruvannamalai, India.