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Bagpiper For All Occasions

Thank you for your interest, and feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback.
The purpose of this site is to provide general information about hiring a bagpiper and for those considering learning to play the Great Highland Bagpipe.
Below you find a list of summaries for the navigation tabs on the left side of the page. Please use the navigation tabs for more details.

-About the Piper-

    This section of the website tells you about the bagpiper who would be performing or Teaching. It includes a list of qualifications and current performances.


    Hiring a bagpiper for your event can be an unique or traditional way of making it special. Traditional events for a piper would be weddings and funerals. Unique events can be anything you can think!
    Through this section you can listen to tunes typical to the event named and find prices. Also included is general information about taking lessons.


    This section is for anyone interested in upcoming bagpiping festival information or updates to the site.



    See what people have said about the piper form other performances and lessons.



    Information on contacting the piper with questions, for services, or booking.