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posted 2 Dec 2010, 12:44 by Timothy Curtis

bag in bag

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December marks the launch of a new student-led social enterprise at the University of Northampton. In the run up to the Christmas holidays, students from across the University will be selling their first products to staff and students in a bid to launch the enterprise.


The social enterprise, sponsored by HEFCE and social entrepreneurship foundation, Unltd, has been developed by University staff and students volunteering for the Social Enterprise Campus Trust headed by Tim Curtis of the School, of Health and Gillian Gourlay of the Business School.


The student-led student enterprise has a three-fold objective:

·         Poverty- to overcome student poverty through term-time employment specifically related to the student’s education programme

·         Employability- by being co-owners (shareholders) of the enterprise students will have the experience of owning and running their own business, rather than just being a labour employee.

·         Education- uniquely, the development and growth of the enterprise will be embedded in the teaching programmes and assignments of the student-owners.

By closely tying these three aspects together, the students will have the opportunity to work during their studies, in a job that is directly relevant to their studies, and use their assignments to add value to the business- which they own and run themselves.


The launch product is a ‘bag in bag’, a simple but compelling product that keeps all your essential items together when changing handbags. It can be used as a desk tidy, make-up bag, or a sweetie caddy for a seasonal or birth present.

The initiative has the full support of the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Nick Petford, who said today “"It’s great to see such a worthwhile enterprise being set up and run by students. The Bag in Bag concept is novel and sure to generate interest in the community. I welcome the initiative"


The students will be working across campus to raise awareness of their social enterprise, and selling their products. Success at this stage will enable them to finalise the business plan, and raise £1m of growth finance from the social finance industry. Please support them!!


Supported by  HEFCE and Unltd

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