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1st Quaternion PSWFs

I'm Hamed Baghal Ghaffari, a Mathematics Ph.D. candidate at the University of Newcastle in Australia with the supervisory of Dr. Jeffrey Hogan and Dr. Joseph Lakey. I've started my Ph.D. in March 2018 and working on Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions. More specifically, I'm trying to construct multi-dimension Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions and then investigating the Properties of them.

2007 to 2011

Bachelor of Pure Mathematics

Urmia University

2011 to 2013

Master of Pure Mathematics

Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences (IASBS)

2018 to Present

PhD of Mathematics

University of Newcastle (UON)

As a Laureate Professor at University of Newcastle, Jonathan Borwein would frequently gather his students and postdocs together in his office for meetings. In those meetings, he would talk with each person about their current projects and the challenges they were encountering. These meetings frequently led to fruitful collaborations between researchers who discovered unexpected commonality in their mathematical interests.

The Borwein Meetings are an attempt to carry on this part of his legacy by connecting early career researchers. Come or use Skype to share and discuss research, and to learn about what others are doing. RHD students may also want to use this relaxed setting as the opportunity to practice giving a research talk. Everyone (not just RHD students and postdocs) is encouraged to come or join via Skype. People can ask questions and participate in the discussion. If you would like to share some ideas, you can contact me.