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Bay Area Fellowship JANES

Bay Area Fellowship JANES

As I sit at my computer and try to form sentences that actually make sense, the truth is I'm about to bust with excitement and I can't think straight!  We are entering the beginning of a new season for women's ministry and I am so excited about all that God is doing!  We have the Expo coming up, new bevies, coveys, hometeams and Bible studies, all starting up within the next month. We've also got some cool events planned and a conference you won't believe on the horizon!!!  There is definitely a place for each and every woman to find her niche.  I am praying that God will provide the leaders that we need (yes, we need more!).  And I'm praying that each and every one of you will find sweet fellowship with other women and a deeper relationship with our God, who treasures you above all else. 
There's lots going on around here, but I want you to know that JANES exists to build Christ-centered community with the women of BAF and our community.  We have the people, the facilities and resources, and we have the Spirit of the Most High God who is our King.  Nothing should be able to stop us from making a marked and irreversible difference in the lives of the women who cross our paths.  So as you meet, grow together, and have some fun, I pray that you are always sensitive and aware of the spoken, and often unspoken, needs of those around you.  I read, just this morning, a scripture that simplifies it for us and it is this:
"...The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love."  Galatians 5:6b (NIV)
You have the ability to change your world...to love your world. It's the power of Christ in you!
Upcoming Women's Community Events 

Save the Date!  There are some great events coming up in the next few months:   
September 19-20 "It's About Time"                        
Yorktown Baptist Church                           
For more info, visit www.sbtexas.com/women
Cost: $25  
October 3-4 "Living the Life"  Conference                    
Selena Auditorium                   
For more info, visit www.livingthelifecc.com
Cost: $25
"Head to Toe" Women's Expo
Hosted by 96.5 The Beach
Wednesday, October 8th
Omni Bayfront Hotel
5:00-8:00 PM
*JANES will have a booth there to promote BAF, JANES and the Glo Conference!
*BAF will not be selling tickets for these events.  All registration must be done on the individual websites.  For more info, contact DeeDee.
JANES Expo Coming Soon! 
Expo 07 

Get ready for the next JANES Expo on September 20 - 21st, 2008!  In between service times, we will be showcasing everything that the JANES Women's Ministry has to offer the women of BAF and our community.  If you would like to get invovled in one of our ministries, visit the JANES Blog .
GLO Conference - Save the Date! 
Mark your calendars ladies!  Coming this Spring, we are hosting a women's conference like no other!  Save the date and start spreading the word.  JANES is inviting a bunch of friends over for a party, to be hosted in our own house!  We have 2700 empty seats just waiting to witness some changed lives. It will be one celebration we will not soon forget!  More details to come soon!
GLO Conference for Women
March 6-7, 2009
Bay Area Fellowship Corpus Christi
"...Women who have lived wisely and well will shine brilliantly, like the cloudless, star-strewn night skies. And those who put others on the right path to life will GLOw like stars forever." 
Daniel 12:3                                                               
JANES Childcare Team
We are so blessed to have Virginia Williamson joining our team as the new Childcare Coordinator.  If you are interested in being a part of our childcare team, please let Virginia know.  Bible study will be starting soon and we will be offering positions to our ladies that would like to provide care for our little ones.  If you enjoy working in the children's area and are interested in serving in an exciting ministry, please contact Virginia
*All childcare providers are compensated for their time.
*The next childcare training will be held Tuesday, September 16th at 6:30 PM at the CC Campus.   

          Volunteer Opportunity!!

Our wonderful BAF children's ministry leaders are hosting a volunteer training and they need our help in caring for the leaders' children while they meet.  We are very blessed by the dedication of these volunteers and JANES has an opportunity to step up and give back.  Please check your calendars and let us know if you are available to help out on Tuesday, September 16th at 6:30 PM at the Corpus Campus.  No training required and your teenagers are welcome to join us.  We need all the help we can get! 
Contact Kristene at kristeneg@bayareafellowship.org or call the church at 361-993-5900 to volunteer.
A new program sponsored by South Texas Children's Home Ministries is giving women the encouragement, hope and confidence they need to turn their life around. Christian Women's Job Corps of Corpus Christi (CWJC) is a 12-week program to help women grow spiritually and personally as they move toward self-sufficiency. It includes Bible study, computer classes, classes in job readiness, classes on nutrition and women's health issues, and sessions to build interpersonal skills. Participants in the program are also paired with mentors who will continue to interact with the women for at least one year. CWJC of Corpus Christi offers its 12-week program in the Spring and the Fall each year. The classes conclude with a graduation ceremony to celebrate what is a new beginning for many of the women.
The JANES Compassion Team and Grunt Girls have been a huge part of helping CWJC and plan to continue to support the ministry this next year.  If you would like to get involved in this amazing organization, we've listed some of their needs below.   If you would like more info, please contact Marta at martp26@yahoo.com.  This is a great opportunity to truly make a difference in another woman's life!
CWJC Needs:
*Meals are needed for the 12 ladies during the school day.  This could be a one-time volunteer opportunity or a regular occurrence.
*Etiquette classes are being offered this semester.  At the end of the year, they will take the women to a nice restaurant and CWJC needs ladies to sponsor a student for the cost of a meal.
*Each CWJC student is assigned a mentor for the semester.  Mentors are needed for the fall session.
*Prayer partners are needed!  If you could committ to praying for these ladies for 3 months, please let Marta know!

DeeDee Sharon
Bay Area Fellowship JANES
Women's Ministry Leader
Leadership Opportunities
A Bevy is an interest group of women building Christ-centered community. If you would like to start your own Bevy for fall 2008, please email April at april.atkinson@yahoo.com.

 We need playgroups, women's hometeams, homeschooling and other interest-oriented Bevies.
  View our Bevy List for more ideas of what you could do!  
A Covey is an outreach group of women that reaches the community for Christ. If you would like to start your own Covey for fall 2008, please email Marta at martp26@yahoo.com. 
View our Covey List for ideas of what you could do!
Quick Links
MOB Ministry
Bay Area Fellowship
Granola Bar Devotional  
Earthen Vessels

September 6th, 2008
Cole Park Amphitheater
6:00 PM
Free Admission 
*Coordinated by our very own Judah Hoehne and Friends!

Jane Head

"Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished." 
Luke 1:45


Living the Life Conference

Hey Ladies!  You do not want to miss this event for women, coming soon to Corpus Christi!  BAF JANES is just one of the many sponsors and we are certain that you will be blessed by the speakers and the worship band. The conference is October 3-4th and registration is going on now.       You can log on to www.livingthelifecc.com for more info.  The LTL ladies will also be guests at our upcoming JANES Expo, so you can also register with them at that time.  Cost is $30 if you hurry! 

Please join us as we partner with our sisters in building up and encouraging the women of our community! 

Don't Forget!!
Leadership Meeting
Sunday, September 7th
The Beach @ the CC Campus
2:30 PM
*Email Virginia for childcare reservations at mrsvdjames@yahoo.com 
On the Agenda:
EXPO Planning
(All leaders hosting a booth must attend this meeting or have a representative from your group present.)
GLO Conference Updates
*Anyone interested in being a part of the JANES leadership team is welcome to attend.  Please come and bring a friend!

Join the JANES Leadership Team! 
With the annual JANES Expo coming up in September, opportunities are available to create a ministry that is uniquely YOU!  If you have a passion to lead other women through a bevy or a covey, please let us know!  We are praying and believing that God will raise up women who are passionate about reaching our community.  If you have felt the nudge to get involved, step out of your comfort zone, and be a part of an amazing group of girls, please contact us!   For Info about Bevies (special interest groups and hometeams), contact April.  For Coveys (mission-minded groups), contact Marta. Event planning is a big part of the JANES ministry.  If you're interested in coordinating the happenings of the BAF women, contact Robin.  And if you have a love for God's word and a passion for teaching it, contact Daphne to find out how you can be on our Discipleship Team!