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August 2007

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Hello JANES! 
What an amazing summer it has been so far!  Many of you attended your first-ever JANES event. Many of you have met new friends. Many of you have stepped out in faith to become a leader in, what I think, is the coolest ministry in town! We are a team, a sisterhood, united by Christ's love and our mission is to Build Community.  Every woman has a place in JANES and our goal is to spread the word so that no one is left out of the exciting things that God is doing! Consider this your personal invitation to get involved.  Maybe you want to attend a Bevy or Bible study; maybe you want to lead a Bevy or Bible Study; or maybe you're interested in serving on one of our Dream Teams.  Wherever it is that God is leading you to, please know that we will welcome you with open arms!  God has uniquely gifted you and frankly, without you we are incomplete.  Please pray about joining us as we seek to know Him more!

Check Out Our Bevies!

Web Bible Babes

Ladies!  We have just added an exciting new bevyYour spiritual maturity as a woman is our focus for those of you who would like to participate in an online Bible Study! The bevy is uniquely named Web Bible Babes.  Each week's readings will be posted every Monday at the Web Bible Babes Blog so that you can keep up with some of your fellow JANES as you study God's Word together!  What a great way to spend the summer!  If you're traveling, don't forget your laptop!
Earthen Vessels Book Club

Every 3rd Saturday of the month, our JANES with a love for books meet at Calypso Cafe inside of Half Price Books.  For more info contact Robin at Earthen Vessels Book Club
Marked Writers

Help design, edit and/or write devotionals for the Granola Bar Devotional .
Contact Alisa for more info or visit the Marked Writers blog!
Grunt Girls 06Grunt Girls

Grunt Girls is an exciting service project bevy that currently meets once a month.  For a list of upcoming projects, contact DeeDee for more info.
Prayer Mug Ministry

The Prayer Mug Ministry meets the first Monday of every month at 9:30a.m.  These ladies meet to pray over the needs of our church and one another.  If you would like more info on this bevy, contact DeeDee.

If you enjoy scrapbooking while you fellowship, JANES offers 2 scrapbooking bevies that meet regularly!  Contact DeeDee for details on the a.m. or p.m. bevies.
Kingsville Bevies

Hey Ladies!  If you would like more info on Kingsville activities and events, contact Meredith Benton at 361.516.1988.
Play Group

JANES offers a Play Group for moms interested in meeting weekly for fun and fellowship while the kids play!  For more info on meeting times, contact Barbara.

Ordinary People


I've always thought myself a "fringe" person. In middle school, it was the cusp of sitting at the cool kids table; college, the cusp between being a trusted friend or just another acquaintance; and now as a parent, the cusp between having it "put together" and any number of steps away from that ideal. I'm guilty of basing my worth on the acceptance of those who I perceive to be on the "cool" side.  My parents stressed the importance of acceptance, and I try to include everyone in my circle. My own neuroticisms convince me that I'm not worthy of sitting at the cool kid's table. God has recently convicted me on this idea. After my daughter was born, I suffered from postpartum depression; and as common as this affliction is, I was hesitant to admit this to others. How would others treat me? Would this confession permanently banish me to the "uncool" table? What I came to realize is that I had built up others during the snapshots I'd had into their lives. During my brief observations, I'd made decisions on their "coolness," their "put-together-ness," and in the process defeated my own accomplishments.  Example: during the National Prayer Breakfast, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff poured coffee for Mrs. Bush, but forgot President Bush.  Does his unfortunate mistake, forgetting his boss's needs, negate all his decorations, his achievements, and banish him to the "uncool" table? Absolutely not!  He is an ordinary person, like I am an ordinary person.  So the next time I feel the urge to compare myself to the "Supermom" or "Superwife" down the street, I'll remember General Pace and that cup of coffee.  She is an ordinary person, too.

Memory Verse:
Galatians 6:4-5 - Do your own work well, and then you will have something to be proud of. But don't compare yourself with others. We each must carry our own load.


Prayer Prompt:

"Father, please remind me of who I am in You.  Help me not to compare myself to anyone else because You designed us each for Your will.  We are all ordinary, but You make us extraordinary by Your grace. Father, forgive me for comparing myself to..."

Janel Sohl


Bevy Leaders Needed! 

Ladies!  We are in need of Bevy (Small Group) Leaders for the upcoming Fall.  A Bevy is just another word for "small group" and we have a host of bevies to meet all types of interests.  If you are interested in leading a group, please let me or one of our leaders know.  Pastor Kevin preached a great message last weekend about using your God-given imagination and not letting others set limits for you.  Here's your chance! What talents and abilities has God gifted you with that you can share with other ladies?  The sky's the limit, but here are some suggestions to get you thinking:
*Health/Nutrition Bevy
*Exercise Bevy
*Financial/Investment Bevy
*Bible Studies
*Support Groups
*Single Moms
*Adventure Groups
*College & Career
*Book Clubs
*Play Groups
*And on, and on, and on!
Come on!  Step out of your comfort zone, do something crazy and allow God to use you to reach the women in our community.  Maybe you can grab a friend who will work with you and you can build a partnership! Email me if you'd like to find out more!
**Leaders must be a member of BAF.  Some ministries are short 3-month sessions and some are continual all year long.  The time frame you choose will be completely up to you and you can serve for the "season" you can commit to.  We realize that you all have very busy lives, so we're completely flexible!  Jump in and let God show you what your "fit" is!
Grunt Girls 06
Expo 2007
Come join us as JANES showcases the exciting Bevies and Ministry Opportunities available to the women of Bay Area and our community.  Refreshments will be served as you do some "minstry shopping!"  We have something for everyone, so be sure to bring a friend!
More details coming soon!
Dream Team Opportunities
Administrative Team-Assist with administrative and public relation duties including TouchPoints, Mail Outs, Web Page/Blog, etc..
Contact Alisa
Special Events Team-Plan, organize and execute JANES special events.
Contact Janel
Bevy Team-Host/Lead a JANES special interest group.
Discipleship Team-Assist with leading, hosting or organizing Bible Studies, Mentoring Programs and Outreach.
Contact DeeDee