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Hello JANES!


Easter is just around the corner and I am looking forward to celebrating with you the resurrection of our Lord!  Weekend times are listed below, so start inviting your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers as we join together to praise and worship the King of all kings!


There's lots going on, so be sure and read through the newsletter AND check the blog!  We've posted some pictures from the GLO Conference for those of you who may have missed it.  We'll also have the GLO Conference DVD available in the bookstore soon.  We'll keep you posted on that!







BAF Easter Service Times

Corpus Campus

Friday, April 10th - 6:30 PM

Saturday, April 11th - 5:00 PM, 6:30 PM

Sunday, April 12th - 10:00 AM, 11:30 AM &

1:00 PM


Padre Island Campus

Sunday, April 12th - 8:30 AM, 10:00 AM &

11:30 AM


Kingsville Campus

Sunday, April 12th - 10:00  AM & 11:30 AM


5 Points Campus

Sunday, April 12th - 10:00 AM & 11:30 AM



Weekend To Remember


Family Life Ministries is bringing its marriage retreat conference called "Weekend to Remember" to Corpus Christi on April 24-26, 2009 at the Omni Bayfront Hotel.
Whether your marriage is on the brink, feeling challenged, or you just want a better plan for you and your spouse, visit www.familylife.com/groups/bayareafellowship  to register or find a location and event that works for your schedule. By registering through this website, you will be able to save over $80/couple off the regular price, and active military personnel (active duty or reserves) can save $120/couple!
There is also a break away session for engaged couples!
Call Jerry Dugan at (361) 331-1495 or e-mail him at jerry_s_dugan@yahoo.com  if you have any questions, or if you would like him to present this information to a group such as your hometeam, bible study group, or workplace.


 Grunt Girls Project

 Hey Janes!


The Grunt Girls are hosting a garage sale on April 18th from 8am to 1pm to benefit Victory Life Fellowship and the Christian Women's Job Corps.  As many of you know, the last garage sale was extremely successful and the Grunt Girls were able to give CWJC $1000 to help with much needed supplies for their students.  Grunt Girls are accepting donations now and would love for you to come and shop!  The garage sale will be hosted at:


 4605 Arlene, CC Tx 78411

Please contact Marta at
martp26@yahoo.com if you have any questions.  Thank you in advance for blessing the women of our community!


Marta, Jennifer & Heather

Grunt Girl Leaders


  JANES Closet 

 JANES has  officially launched a clothes closet ministry for those who are in need of clothing and we are so excited to welcome Diane Hart as the new leader that has taken on this exciting project! 


JANE'S CLOSET will be open on April 18th, May 2nd &  9th, and June 6th from 8:30am-12:00pm.  Please pass these dates on to anyone you know of that may be in need of clothing!

 JANE'S CLOSET Location:  Action Storage
 2125 Saratoga @ Crosstown CC Tx 78417
Units B15,16,17


JANES will be accepting new or gently used items for men, women and children. (Summer clothing only, at this time.)There are 2 donation drop-off locations to choose from:


 7034 Powderhorne Ct., C.C. Tx. 78413


4605 Arlene, C.C. Tx. 78411


If you have any questions or would like to serve on this  team, please email Diane at: janescloset777@yahoo.com   or call 361-658-8399. If you know of anyone who needs assistance with clothing, please refer them to Diane!


  Bible Study 


We have had a great response to Laurie Cole's "Beauty By the Book" Bible study. We are offering classes at the Corpus Campus, Island Campus and 5 Points Campus each week. Combined, we have around 140 women participating so far and the number is still growing. This shows a 50% growth since our last Bible study that ended in March. God is at work and it's not too late to jump in! Join us for one of the best ways to know God more intimately, to make friends, and to experience the kind of change that others can see in you!


To find out more, email Daphne at janesdiscipleship@yahoo.com. Cost is $20 and childcare is available with reservations.


The Admin Team serves to keep JANES running!  They are the glue that holds us together, making sure we stay on track with all the details of an ever-expanding women's ministry.  If you would like to volunteer to serve on this team, email Mandy at rimshotcc@sbcglobal.net.


A Bevy is an interest group of women building Christ-centered community. If you would like to start your own Bevy for spring 2009, please email April at april.atkinson@yahoo.com.


We need playgroups, women's hometeams, homeschooling and other interest-oriented Bevies.


  View our Bevy List for more ideas of what you could do!  


A Covey is an outreach group of women that reaches the community for Christ. If you would like to start your own Covey for spring 2009, please email Marta at martp26@yahoo.com. 



View ourCovey List for ideas of what you could do!


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New Leader! 

Hey Janes, 

I am very excited to introduce you to Connie Ramirez, who will serve as the Office Darlings Team Leader. Connie has a heart to serve the woman of Bay Area Fellowship and is gifted in Administration. Connie's responsibilities will be to enlist and organize volunteers to assist the JANES Women's Ministry with office duties to help keep JANES running smoothly. We need  office volunteers and would love for you to get involved! You can volunteer at your own pace and around your busy schedule. Most volunteering will take place during BAF office hours which are 9am to 5pm Monday through Thursday. If you are interested in serving on this team, please e-mail Connie Ramirez at:

Welcome Connie! Glad to have you part of the A team!!!

Mandy Ward
JANES Admin Coordinator


Position Available!


The Admin Team is looking for a FIT leader.  The First Impressions Team Leader will make sure all new women at Bay Area Fellowship receive information on how to get plugged into our women's ministry.  She will also be in charge of getting volunteers to pass out welcome packets to Class 101 (we are currently putting together fun gift bags for each new lady!), send welcome post cards and information flyers to new members and interested women.  The FIT leader will work closely with the Admin Coordinator and be in continual contact with the FIT volunteers and the Welcome Committee volunteers. 


If you would like to join this team, email Mandy Ward at rimshotcc@sbcglobal.net.  She would love to get you plugged into what God is doing in JANES.


Jane Head

"Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished." 


Luke 1:45



As we start thinking about the next JANES EXPO coming this fall, there are many opportunities available to create a ministry that is uniquely YOU!  If you have a passion to lead other women through a bevy or a covey, please let us know!  We are praying and believing that God will raise up women who are passionate about reaching our community.  If you have felt the nudge to get involved, step out of your comfort zone, and be a part of an amazing group of girls, please contact us!   For Info about the Admin Team, contact Mandy. For Bevies (special interest groups and hometeams), contact April.  For Coveys (mission-minded groups), contact Marta. Event planning is a big part of the JANES ministry.  If you're interested in coordinating the happenings of the BAF women, contact Robin.  And if you have a love for God's word and a passion for teaching it, contact Daphne to find out how you can be on our Discipleship Team!