(updated 09 December 2012)

Hindu Kush Hash House Harriers

est. June 17, 2007 by the 82nd Airborne "All American" Division 
We gather once a week up to thrice a week... Yes, THRICE! 
Every Other Monday Night, 1900 Trail. TBA
Friday Nights, 1900 Happy Hour. 

If there is someone that would like to have a pick-up hash, contact us for one anytime.  Any reason to get our trail on is a good excuse.

Every possible opportunity to keep morale up and drink beer*. 

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"Hindu Kush H3" on Facebook is Members Only and by invite.
For more details or information, email bafhash@gmail.com!  On-On!!
(* reference to "beer" is less then .05% ABV and is found in the PX or DFAC)
3 March 2012-
So there we were minding our own business when SOMEONE posted on ilovebagram.com the following comment:
 "2907. tell me why i walk out of my b-hutt to see some guy running around base drawing 74.5 on numerous locations in chalk, WTF does 74.5 mean? I tried to stop him then he took off running again and I noticed 74.5 outside my b-hutt door, showers, bunkers, office, on the ground... either we have a mentally ill person on Bagram or something fishy going on"
Just wanted to thank All Shells, No Nuts for this since you was the hare.

In memory of our fallen comrades...we raise our beer mugs in a toast to you.

On-On, friends.

Never hashed before?  Do you want to know what this is all about?  Learn about hashing here.

                                   DATE:  Unknown
                                                                        TIME:  1900 local
                                                                                               LOCATION:  Disney Green Bean

Number 100
DATE:  Monday!!!!  31 Dec 2012 
TIME:  1830 local
LOCATION: Clamshell Gym at Volleyball courts
HARES: EM Moped  
Notes: Bring a Fleshlight and a Virgin
*d-Erections to the Death Star:  On Disney, look for the Polish Compound Sign.  Once you find said sign you look up the street towards the PX.  Once you are looking you will walk in that d-erection 169.69 meters exactly plus or minus a few millimeters.  you will look left at the bunker and see this HUGE star looking wood thingy.  you will go past that thingy and before you walk in the building, look right (behind the fence).