Welcome to the Bae research group at Seoul National University!
We are interdisciplinary scientists using a variety of experimental and computational tools to study proteins. Our goal is to determine the molecular basis of structural and functional properties of proteins and its impact on organismal fitness. In particular, we are interested in elucidating the basic principles of protein thermal stability and engineering proteins to be more stable at high temperatures. We also investigate the functions of protein components in a newly-discovered microbial immune system for virus defense. Understanding the roles of these proteins involved in the prokaryotic immune system would lead to the development of new methods for modulating stability of microbial organisms.
We are looking for graduate students to join our young and growing group. Please contact us for more information!
Program in Appiled Life Chemistry
Department of Agricultural Biotechnology
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Seoul National University
1 Gawanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-921, Korea
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