7-Announce Your Crossing

Announce your crossing in advance but not too far in advance. Acknowledge you understand all the guidelines. Submit your athletic credentials. 

- we had people that tried to announce their crossing a year in advance. The idea of announcing your crossing, is to let the world know, make your crossing public. If you announce too far in advance nobody will remember. So a couple of months in advance should be good. Make sure your crossing is added and announced on the website
- we had situations where people announced their crossing, on Fri night for a Saturday morning start. The Admins did not have time to see, to acknowledge or to monitor that crossing
- we had situations where people emailed us the week before their crossing. We responded and asked for more info and more details. We got no response. Then we were told some emails got into their junk mail folder. We exchanged a few more emails. Then many days later we were told some of the candidates email's were bounced back from the Admin Google list ( which seemed off since their previous message went fine to the list). Had they announce their crossing earlier , there would have been fewer issues like these
- we had other people that announced it 4-5 months in advance, and we actually needed several weeks to clear his Athletic Track record , which was great.

- announce it far enough so that most people would know and be able to follow you. For example, if the Admins are doing their own hikes or races, you might need to announce it 4-5-6-7 days in advance to make sure somebody will be able to be online. This is true for sending out your GPS tracker on the 2 email lists above. If you send an email on Friday and it could take until Monday or even later for an Admin to approve your email.
- So far nobody gave us a real scenario of a person that can decide out of the blue to do Badwater146 without knowing several days in advance