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For the last 5 years i tried to make Badwater146 community driven. For the last 2-3 years i tried to get other people involved as Admins. The smarter ones told me they would rather not be involved. Some joined and did not participat. Too many people commenting and complaining from their computer but none willing to take ownership and to offer their free time and make this better.
  1. If you (strongly) disagree or if you often disagree with what is going on re. Badwater146, please do become an Admin and help, or leave the Group. Makes no sense to be on this list if you do not believe in the rules/guidelines/purpose and you are not willing to help.
  2. If you are an Admin, you must participate
    1. approve and moderate message on the list
    2. respond to surveys, vote, make your opinions public and clear ( not hide under a rock when push come to shove )
    3. take responsibility for the buckles, patches, the Badwater146 name if we get sued again for copyright infringement.
  3. And if you want anonymity, at least 2-3 of the Admins need to know who you are
This is the only way to reach the Admins , since at least 3 do not have a Facebook account