Welcome to the web page of Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan, PhD. 
I'm an economist, wearing three hats:
1. Consultant at McKinsey and Company
2. Affiliate Faculty Member at the School of Environment and Forestry Sciences, University of Washington Seattle. 
3. Co-founder and Partner, Infinite-Sum Modeling Inc.
In 2017, I was also awarded with the title 'GTAP Research Fellow'I have visited these countries in all continents!

Here is my CV (a much shorter version is here) and Google Scholar profile , for more details on my work.

Here is a recent citation of my and my Center's work by The Economist

Here are some (but not complete list of) works. My SSRNIDEAS and GTAP pages have more papers. 

My heartfelt thanks to all my coauthors for their exciting and fruitful collaboration.

Please feel free to e-mail me (badrig at uw dot edu) if you are interested in one or more of my published/working papers listed on my CV.

Public Health
Economic and health impact of global trade regulations to restrict BPA

International Trade
Using CGE (Computable General Equilibrium Modelling)
Special Safeguard Mechanism and Specific Tariffs
Public Procurement and Free trade agreements
 EU-India FTA (Published in Margin)
on Trade and labor productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa (Submitted for review in Journal of African Economies)
on Disaggregated CGE Modelling (Published, after revisions, in Economic Modelling)
on EU's FTA with Latin America (Published as a EU Policy Document) 

Using Econometric (Time-Series) Methods
Globalization and Economic Growth
on Phasing out of MFA Quotas in Indian Textiles (Published in Regional and Sectoral Economic Studies)

Using Applied Industrial Organisation
on Trade Reforms, Technology and Profits (Published, after revisions, in Applied Economics Letters)
on Mergers, Trade Reforms and Profits (one part revised and published in JQE, another part revised and published in Applied Economics Letters)

Global Trade, Assistance and Production: Version 8
Global Trade, Assistance and Production: Version 7

Agricultural and Food Policy
Energy-Water Nexus in South Asia (2014 AGU Meeting Proceedings)

Industrial Economics
Using Econometric (Time-Series) Methods and Descriptive Data Analysis
on the economic structure of Indian Textile Sector (a chapter in a book published by UNESCAP and another version in India development Report by Oxford University Press), single-authored
on Indian Auto Sector (A small part thoroughly updated and revised, forthcoming in Review of Development and Change)
on Economic History of Indian Textiles (single-authored)
My PhD Dissertation on economic issues in Indian Textile Sector (single-authored, under the supervision of the PhD committee).

Energy and Environment

Using Econometric and Simulation Methods
on Energy (about Global Inter-fuel Substitution, Revised and Re-submitted to Energy Economics)
on Pollution Control using Indigenous Technologies  (Book chapter published by the Academic Foundation and Indian Economic Association, SIngle-authored) 

Labor Economics
Using Econometric (Panel) Methods
on Employment in Indian Textile Sector 

Inter-disciplinary Works

Data Science
Mining the Change of Customer Behavior in Dynamic Markets (Forthcoming in Information Technology and Management)

Network Science
Maritime Trade Network Effects of Global Economic Crisis, DRAFT submitted to TRB Conference and TRR
Evolution of trade networks in the Commonwealth

Sustainability and Health
Ongoing work on trade policies to control tobacco and  and some nano-materials.

Popular Media articles
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