Ideation Contest (Oct 2012)

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  • Each team needs only one account that all team members will use (team members will share the same login/password but the account will be tied to one email address). 
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Opens: Oct 23, 2012 at 6 pm IST
Closes: Oct 28, 2012 at 11 pm IST -- this contest is now closed.

The goal of this contest is for identify potential business opportunities using data on usage of mobile phones in India.
This contest will also serve as the basis for the Data Mining contest in November 2012.

Submission format
All responses must be submitted through the platform. Submit a PDF document of no more than 2 pages.
The proposal should include the following components:
  1. Who is the stakeholder or client?
  2. A description of the business goal. What are the business benefits of implementing this idea? What opportunity is it creating? What shortcoming does it address?
  3. A description of the analytics objective. Is this a supervised or unsupervised task? Is it predictive or descriptive? Is it retrospective or forward-looking?
  4. Some guidance on data that will be used (make sure to rely on the data sample) and the pre-processing or preparation that might be needed based on your past experience.
  5. Operational requirements or constraints (for example, will the solution be run in real-time? will it require collecting new data?)
  6. [Optional:] Analytical methodology for solving the problem (for example, what are data mining methods to consider? which performance measures are appropriate?).
Data dictionary and sample
The data are responses of several thousands of mobile users in India to a survey conducted by students in Prof. Sudhir Voleti's 2012 Marketing Research course at ISB. We thank Prof. Voleti for the permission to use these data!

Sample of 10 records and data dictionary:

Mobile Survey - Sample