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Weekly lesson plans

Week aug 23-26
Tues- teacher inservice no school
weds- learn names, notecards, rules and expectations
Thurs- lab safety, names, books given, 
Fri- scientific method startQuiz on scientific method, start characteristics of living things, Ch1.1

From this point on, latin vocab will be given out on monday, notecards checked on weds, quiz on friday

Week Aug 29-Sept 2
Mon- notes on characteristics of living things, ch1.2
Tues-     Experiment variables, controls, Balloon drop lab, ch1.3
Weds-  characteristics of living things
Thurs- quiz over chapter 1
Fri- flashcards for chapter 2 vocab

Week sept 5-9
Mon- No School
Tues-ch1 Paper due Clover Lab Homework
chapter 2 vocab quiz/ week 1 latin vocab flashcards due/   ch2.1
Thurs- Ch2.2 nature of matter assignment ch 2.2
Fri- ch 2.2  First Latin vocab quiz

Week Sept 12-16
mon-   , 
properties of water activity,
Tues-   Lab (pH lab). ch2.3
ch 2 vocab quiz ch 2.4
Thurs- going over ch 2 discussion assignment pg 49 ?s 1-13 pg51 ?s1-10
Fri- Shortened period, ch 2 review assignment Click here

Week Sept 19-24
Mon- Assignment: ch 2 concept map
Tues-  : ch 2 test  assignment: ch 3 vocab review sheet & latin flashcards
Weds- ch 2 test corrections (write correct answer in full sentence)
            assignment: re ch 3.1 guided reading
Thurs-  go over 3.1 assignment 3.2 guided reading
Friday- latin vocab quiz  3.1 & 3.2 Quiz

Week 9/26-9/30
Mon- Ch3 discussion
Tues- ch3 discussion consumer identification quiz
Weds- Ch3 consumer identification quiz take 2
Thurs- ch 3 vocab quiz discuss energy pathways webs vs chains trophic levels assignment: guided inquiry on page 66, pg 77-78 ?s1-17
Fri- ch3.4 discussion

week 10/3 - 10/7
Mon- nutrient cycling mobile chain activity Assignment : make 4 jeopardy ?s
Tues- chapter 3 review activity
Weds- ch 3 vocab Test   ,
Thurs- ch 3  Test assignment: ch 4 vocabulary cards
Fri-    intro to ch 4 

Week 10/10 10/14
Mon- covering 4.1    assignment: ch 4.1
TUes- assignment: ch 4.2    
Weds- ch 4 vocab quiz  PSAT day
Thurs- ch 4.1 & 4.2
Fri- NO School for students

week 10/17- 10/21
Monday- ch 4.2 notes assignment ch 4.3 & come up with relationships in your life that simulate  commensalism, parasitism, mutualism
Tuesday- finish 4.2 and cover 4.3 notes assignment: ch 4.4
Wednesday- 4.4 biome mapping activity assignment 4.5
Thursday- biome mapping activity cover 4.5  Assignment: make sure you have completed ch 4 workbook pages
Friday-  ch 4.5 aquatic ecosystems assignment:  finish ch 4 workbook pages due mon

week 10/24- 10/28
Monday-  ch 4 review assignment: pgs 103-104 ?s 1-18 pg 105 ?s 1-10
Tuesday- CH 4 Test  assignment c 5 vocab flash cards & ch 5.1
Wednesday-  ch 4 test corrections review introduce ch 5 Assignment study guide for ch 4 take 2 test
Thursday-     ch 4 test  Assignment5.2 
Friday-        Discuss 5.1 &    assignment: ch 5 sections 1 & 2 in the worksbook Last Day of Quarter

 5.3 Ted Talk latin vocab quiz