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  June's Most Likes Girl's                                                 

funny t shirts

by Jess Greenberg1

Seven Nation Army (Cover) The White Stipes.

Published on Aug 24, 2012



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The baddest girls on guitar we can find on You Tube. This stuff rocks because it's better  than American Idol.  These girls truly are good. It's not as hard as you would think to find them. Thanks to the internet, Google and You Tube, it's actually pretty easy, and so are they when you watch them play.
So set back and get ready to watch the baddest girls on guitars!


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                                      Jess Greenberg

in music news
All Right Now
Paul Rodgers was cool. I mean really cool. His 1968 band FREE released 'All Right Now" in 1970 and by 1973 was over. One of the first songs to enter into  ASCAPS one million airplay singles club. Paul would later become the front man for Bad Company
The rest is history

Ready for
Kristen Stewart In My Band
by Laura Cox
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Date line-USA
These girls rock. It's not that hard to understand, girls+guitars+rock music=BAD !
Physics works,  welcome to bad girls with guitars where we search for the best upcoming female guitarist on the globe. Bad Girls With Guitars is not limited to the United States. It's truly global. Thanks to the power of the internet, not network television, we can finally seek and find the baddest girls on guitar on the net.
These Girls Rock!

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"This is Global Girls With Guitars"


Girls With Guitars, that think they're Bad!
Welcome to Bad Girls With Guitars

Some girls Rock, Some more than others.
This isn't American Idol, This is Global
Girls With Guitars!

This is where girls rock.

The Baddest girls
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