Badger Aquatics Professionals is a network of Madison (Wisconsin) Area Aquatic Facility Operators dedicated to improving recreational aquatics for individuals of all ages.

The  Greater Madison Area is home to numerous public and private aquatic facilities.  Ambience, architecture, and tradition are different at each facility, but all facilities are proud of their rich investment in patron safety, program development, and promoting healthy, aquatic enjoyment for all individuals.

Each facilities generally offers Learn-to-Swim classes.  Learn-to-Swim classes may be taught with a different curriculum at different facilities, but all have the same goal for the participant...LEARN TO SWIM (BETTER).  Any of the aquatic facilities will be more than happy to help answer questions.

Contacting multiple aquatic facilities is always important, due to the differences you will find in the types of programs being offered.  Here are just a few of the wonderful programs offered at local facilities:

    • Springboard Diving
    • Log Rolling
    • Water Exercise for Arthritis
    • Water Safety Instructor Training
    • Aqua Zumba
    • Masters Swimming
    • Lifeguard Training
    • Youth Endurance Swim
    • S.C.U.B.A.
    • Aqua Ai Chi
    • Snorkeling
    • Water Aerobics
    • Swim Stroke Clinics
    • Triathlon Training
    • Swim & Play
    • Aquatic Yoga
    • Water Polo
    • AquaJogging
    • GuardStart
    • Warm Water Therapy
    • Aquatic Kickboxing
    • Parent-Child Swimming

Contact an Aquatic Facility to see what is being offered that would interest you.