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TheeDiva Ov'Writtin is the pen name for Ms. Aujunai Charpentiair the author of "LOCA VITA, GOD, THE DEVIL, AND ME" Ms Charpentiair resides on the East Coast, and is in the process of completing three other novels "SIDNEY ST. JAMES," a supernatural-mystery for young adults. "DEVILS FOOD," a a detective story with a demonic slant  and "DEFENSE FOR THE PROSECUTION"  a story of murder. Chapters from each of the three novels can be found in LOCA VITA, which should be released within the early part of 2012.    more details to come.....
Ms. Charpentiair attended University of Maryland Baltimore County, Coppin State University, Community College of Baltimore, and Notre Dame of Maryland University. Study concentration Pre-Med/Psychology. Ms. Charpentiair has worked for Department of Juvenile Justice/Youth Supervisor Level ll, Johns Hopkins Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Citibank-Citicorp/Finicial Services, Pharmakentics/Research Recruiter, Inphonmation Network/Counseling