this is my SKROLL THAT i mayd to tel people about my lyfe in pubbledy and my stuff my names york. im a VETARAN once an ogra STOLE MY AYE and now i dont always see good but i make up for it by being REELY KICKASS AND PUNCHING THE HEL OUT OF STUPID SCRUBS AND BAD GUYS

one time i was a CHAMPEEON because i liked making my weapin change color but prety much being a CHAMPEEON sucks so now im trying to be a REYNJER. gosammer is stopid looking but im just goiing to throw it away when i bekome RENJER anyway bekouse ill be able to punch mountans and theill explode its how ranjer works u dont even need two be good fiter (EVEN THO I AM PROBUBLY THE BEST EVER)

somedey i want to morf into a TOKEHAN and some kind of big badass MUNKEY and maybe a fish so i can swim and im going to run superfast with that hartwood cherm and im going to be the best ever because THAT HOW RANJER WORK heh

dont read this pages if you ar a scrub i dont think you can handle it this is prety intense im an intense guy o k? i warned yoou i did it RITE HERE

see that PICKTURE THERE?? KISA drew it and its PRETY SWEET KISA is the BEST DRAWER even tho theres a rat in my eye and the thing she drew here was that was a sad day and i miss my aye a lot but now someitmes i hyde candies in it so it was aN EVEN EXCHANJE.