BadAss Bodylastics Exercise Bands

Terrell Owens doesn't just Endorse BadAss Bodylastics Exercise Bands

.....He trains with Bodylastics

 I'm going to let T.O. show you the BadAss Bodylastics Exercise Bands.

Simple and effective.  The Bodylastics system has revolutionized band exercises.  With the ability to add more than one band to your handles you can dramatically change the resistance for different exercises.  For example you will want a lot more resistance when doing a Squat-Rowing exercise where you are using your back and leg muscles vs when you are doing a curl.

Bodylastic Resistance

Bodylastics resistance is very smooth and progressive.  The further you stretch your Body Lastics the harder it is to pull.  This is a benefit because in most exercises you do the further into the exercise the better leverage your muscles have. 

Durring a BadAss exercise if you want to increase or decrease the resistance you can move further or closer to your attachment point.  This is absolutely great no stopping to change the weights on your dumbel or add another resstance bow to your Bowflex.  Just move away from the attachment point and the exercise gets harder.

Complete Core Exercises

Many BadAss Body Lastics Exercises work your entire core at once.  While you are highlighting a certain muscle or group often you are working the rest of your body too.

Bodylastics elastic resistance has a unique clip system.  Any four bands (included in the basic set) can be combined to change the resistance to match your desired resistance.  

The BadAss Bodylastics Door Anchor

Bodylastics includes a door anchor with the system.  Simply place the foam anchor behind any door, fence, or any other solid object.  Then attach as many bands as you want for resistance.  You can mount the anchor High (like at the top of your door) or Low to change the angle of resistance.  This is very effective at varying the load on your muscles.  This helps your muscles develop.  The variety of exercises you can do with Bodylastics will keep you from getting bored and keep your muscles from plateauing. 

Buy the Bodylastics Resistance Band Gym directly from the Bodylastics website and should expect you order to arrive in 2-3 days tops, their shipping department is outstanding.

BadAss Exercise and Bodylastics get you a gym body without the gym? With the Bodylastics system you can give up your expensive monthly gym expense.  For the price of a month or two of your membership you can purchase the Bodylastics system.  You no longer have to drive across town to work out.  The Bodylastics University (one year subscription) is included in you purchase.

Come see the system used by personal trainers


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 Remember BadAss Bodylastics Exercise Bands come with a %100 money back guarantee.  Check the Bodylastics website for more information.