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I Recently received this email from Peter Drew.

I got an interesting email from Mike Filsaime

just a few days ago.

It was a warm up email, alerting me to his
new product launch happening soon.

Everyone knows Mike from his incredibly
successful Butterfly Marketing Ebooks and
related products.

He's about to release a great new product
Called Butterfly Reports.

Now before you go thinking I'm going to push
this product onto you, believe me I'm not,
Very Far from it.

So I investigated this product and honestly
its just great. You can see why this guy
is so successful.

But this email is not about Mikes New product

This email is about the Window of Opportunity
I saw Straight away.

Quote from Mikes Email:
We set the date for this Tuesday, but even
to release in beta, we would just not be

OUCH!  - We are so close and need a few more

PS - Remember, we do not go live for about
10 - 14 more days, but you want to check it
out now and apply as a vip now
End Quote.

H-E-R-E !!

If Mike's Pushing it, Its got Butterfly
in the title, we know its going to be a
success. Not to mention the product itself
its brilliant.

So right now I know, we've got a new
brand on the market and guess what?

At the time of time of receiving this email
"butterfly reports" in Google returned only
400 results.

Now I'm getting very excited.

In case you don't know, big products like this
get most of their sales originally from
the Gurus with big lists pushing affiliate sales.

Heres the thing. These big promoters are now
Creating a
BRAND for Mike

Guess what? This brand will be searched for

See where this is leading?

There's just about NO competition for this brand
in Google!

Now you know why I got very excited.

So I put my working hat on. and got to work

In just over 2 hours, I had 4 of the top 10
listings in Google pointing to my site
for the term butterfly reports.

Ok.. this is great news. So I got stuck into

Results? in under 24 hours I had stolen
the 7 of the first 10 in Google

Check these results

Further, I used a strategy Ive used for a long time

Though this time I decided to record exactly
what I did, so I could pass this info on to you.

To see more of the results and get access to
this report. I've tagged the
Badass Affiliate Dominator SEO Report

Click Here to check out the BadAss Affilite Domintor Advanced Version!

I'm sure you'll enjoy the read as much as
I enjoyed creating it.

This really blew me away, the fantastic results
I've Achieved.

To Your Online Success

Peter Drew

PS. You can duplicate what I did exactly
in this report using all the fr-ee resources
I've provided.

this is from a friend of mine Oliana,
who I gave the report to, to preview.

Your report is PURE GENIUS!

It'll probably take me a couple of days
to do what you did in 6 hours, but SO WHAT?! 

I am so grateful for such a systematic plan,
that I can actually FOLLOW. 

So much of what I get is either too technical,
(pass me the 'no doze" will ya)
or not complete enough.  I can DO THIS.

I CAN do this!

OK, now I won't be able to sleep, lol.
I'm actually giggling with joy!

Oh, I've got enough to do now! 
I've NEEDED a plan, and you've provided
one that feeds one's creativity!

I'm off to brainstorm. 
Better keep a notepad by my bed,
in case I have an "Einstein" moment. [:D]

You ARE the coolest guy on the planet!

Peter Drew is the King of Free internet Marketing.  I purchased his report and found it amazing.

Click Here to check out the BadAss Affilite Domintor Advanced Version! ---Rick from BadAss Exercise

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