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peeping tom

peeping tom is a french-swedish trio working since 2007 on the music of bebop masters like Charlie Parker, Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk. I think that our music is bopping, bebop. The trio is focused on underlining the main characteristics of bebop — various speeds, breaks, fastness and celerity.

            paB: alto saxophone
            Axel Dörner is the trumpeter
            Joel Grip is playing bass
            & Antonin Gerbal is drumming
We have played many concerts over the world — France, Sweden, Russia, Germany, UK, USA, Finland, Norway —, played with guests Alan Silva, Evan Parker and David Stackenäs, and released two albums, "file under: bebop" and "boperation" on Umlaut Records (both with artwork by Sven-åke Johnasson).

  file under: bebop
  umlaut records

paB alto saxophone
joel grip double-bass
antonin gerbal drums

recorded live by paB at
"le périscope",    lyon, may 23rd 2009

Bebop (Gillespie)
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1. Koko (Parker)
2. Locomotive/Light Blue/Evidence (Monk)
3. Un Poco Loco (Powell)
4. Constellation/Old Time Southside Street Dance (Parker/Jarman)
5. Mohawk (Parker)
6. Bebop (Gillespie)
7. Shaw' Nuff/Parisian Thoroughfare/Four in One
8. Donna Lee (Parker-Davis)
  umlaut records

paB alto saxophone
axel dörner trumpet
joel grip double-bass
antonin gerbal drums

recorded by paB at "
atelier polonceau", paris, march 7th 2011

Mo is On
(Elmo Hope)
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1. Boperation (Fats Navarro)
2. Cro-Magnon Nights (Herbie Nichols)
3. Escalating (George Wallington)
4. Fantasy in Blue (Bud Powell)
5. House Party Starting (Nichols)
6. Mo is On (Elmo Hope)
7. Pile Driver/Dodo's Dance (Eddie Costa/Dodo Marmarosa)
8. Snakes (Jackie McLean)
9. The Gig (Nichols)
10. Up Jumped the Devil (Wallington)

note : the track order listed above is the actual track order, as heard on the cd, which is different — due to a mistake — from the track order written on the cd.

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