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Monday 4 April 2011

10.00 Registration and coffee / BACS Council meeting
10.30 Session A (90 mins)
Literature 1
Kit Dobson, Mount Royal University
Dystopia Now: Examining the Rachels in Automaton Biographies and Player One

Will Smith, University of Nottingham
Terror in Imaginary Toronto: The role of the apocalypse in Maggie Helwig’s Girls Fall Down (2008)

Security 1
Noura Karazivan, Université de Montréal
The rule of law and the protection of constitutional rights in time of insecurity

Kari Mariska Pries, University of Glasgow
Policy, Good Government and Cultures of Dissent: El Savador’s Past as Reference for Canada’s Future in Applications of International Humanitarian Law

Angela Scerbo, University of Siena
The thing not seen: Looking from Canada at a comparative approach to prohibition of torture in international and constitutional law

12.30 Lunch
13.30 Session B (90 mins)
History 1
Dan Horner,  University of Leicester
“What constitutes the look of a gentleman is more easily felt than described”:  Asserting Masculine Authority on the Streets of Mid-Nineteenth-Century Montreal

James Stephen Krysiek, Mount St. Mary’s University
The Pacific Northwest & Alaskan Boundaries: Towards Commercial Security & National Identity

Iain Johnston
Last Dominion in War; First Division in Britain

Literature 2
Jonathan Rollins, Ryerson University
Hiding a Monster in Plain Sight: Concealing, Representing, and Re-Imagining Difference in Anne Carson’s Autobiography of Red

Laura-Violeta Duta, University of Vienna, Austria
Communal Odysseys: Reconciliation, (Re)building and Redeeming in Jack Hodgins’s The Invention of the World and Broken Ground

Security 2
Gillian Roberts, University of Nottingham
Securing Canadianness on TV: Canada’s Border Policing Dramas

Rachel Walls, University of Nottingham
Surveillance and (In)Security in CBC’s Intelligence.  

15.00 Tea 
15.30 Session C (90 mins)
Business 1
Alan Hallsworth
Insecurity and robustness in the wider economy: Canada and the UK

Byron M. Sheldrick, University of Guelph
Collaborative Governance as a Strategy for Combatting Local Insecurity

Judy and Larry Haiven, Saint Mary's University, Halifax 
Canadian Co-operatives - Are They Governed Better?

Literature 3
Pilar Somacarrera, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
“Saint Margaret of our feminisms”: reviews of Margaret Atwood’s poetry in the Spanish press

Emilie Péneau, University College Cork
Women’s Insecurity in Margaret Atwood’s Short Stories

Eleonora Rao, University of Salerno 
’How can we keep it safe? / There’s so much to defend’: Margaret Atwood’s The Tent, The Door, and Moral Disorder

Political Studies 
Robert E. Hawkins, University of Regina / University of Saskatchewan
Constitutional Peace in the 'Peaceable Kingdom':  Will 'Non-Constitutional' Constitutional Change Really Work?

Howard Cody, University of Maine
The Price of the ‘Peaceable Kingdom’: Can Canada Learn from Britain’s Coalition?

17.00 Plenary I: Steve Royle, Eccles Lecture (60 mins)
Insecurity in Canada's past: James Douglas keeps the peace on Vancouver Island

18.00 BACS AGM 
19.00 Dinner
20.30 Poetry event with Heather Spears, Roz Goddard and  Kim Trusty in the Worcester Room, Hornton Grange  

Tuesday 5 April 2011

07.30 Breakfast
08.00 Registration
08.45 SESSION D (120 mins)
Judy Haiven, Saint Mary’s University
Race and Retail in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Gianluca Gentili, University of Siena
A “Worldwide Rights’ Culture:” Decisions of the Supreme Court of Canada as a Model to Address Identity-challenging Issues in Modern Societies

Amy Hinterberger, University of London
Securing the Nation’s Health? Exploring New Genetic Technologies and Multicultural Politics in Canada

Literature 4
Britta Olinder, Gothenburg University
War and Conflict in Janice Kulyk Keefer's Work

Simone Lomartire, University of Leeds
‘It’s probably some Fascist propaganda!’ Ways of redressing the Italian Canadian past in Vittorio Rossi’s Paradise by the River

Sarah Galletly, University of Strathclyde
‘The cream of our womanhood’: Representations of wartime nursing in Canadian fiction (1890s-1920s)

Katrin Urschel
Choreographing the ‘Peaceable Kingdom’: The Representation of Dance in Canadian Historical Fiction

Security 3
Frauke Brammer, Freie Universität Berlin
Engagement from Below: Canadian Military Personnel in West Germany

Petra Dolata-Kreutzkamp, King’s College London
Engagement from Above: NATO and Canada’s Relationship with West Germany

10.45 Coffee
11.15 Plenary II: Kate Pullinger (Literature Group)
12.15 Plenary III: Susan Hodgett, Presidential Address
13.00 Lunch
14.00 SESSION E (90 mins)
Literature 5
Mei-Chuen Wang, Fo Guang University, Taiwan
Home and Away, Home and Abroad: Jane Urquhart’s Away and Ann-Marie MacDonald’s Fall on Your Knees

Andreea Raluca Topor (Constantin), University of Bucharest/Romanian-American University  
Margaret Laurence’s Manawaka: The Promise of a ‘Peaceable Kingdom’?

Ewa Bodal, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland
"The world so sweet." Community tensions and otherness in selected short stories by Alice Munro

Aboriginal Studies 1
Jessica Woodman, Carleton University
Rita Joe and Radical Ambivalence in Atlantic Canadian Literature

David Stirrup, University of Kent
Art, Borders, Citizenship: Containment and Flux in selected works by Eric Gansworth and Thomas King

Panel 1: Canadian ‘Insecurities’: American Imperialism and Canadian Nationalism in the Long Sixties
Stephen Azzi, Laurentian University
An American Invasion in English-Canadian Popular Novels of the 1970s

Kevin Brushett, Royal Military College of Canada
“Don’t Give Me No Hand Me Down Peace Corps”:  The Company of Canadians and the New Nationalism, 1965-1975

Lara Campbell, Simon Fraser University
‘Our Own Merchants of Death’:  Canadian Activism and Nationalism during the Vietnam War

15.30 Tea
16.00 SESSION F (90 mins)
History 2
Lucille H. Campey
Security by Stealth: why English parishes sent their paupers to Upper Canada during the early 19th century  

Magdalena Marczuk-Karbownik, University of Łódź, Poland
Problem of Canada at the British-American Peace Talks in Ghent in 1814

James Stephen Krysiek, Mount St. Mary’s University
How Spending Less Increased Peace & Security: The Rush-Bagot Agreement of 1817

Panel 2: State of (In)Security: Constructing and contesting Canadian national identity
Zalfa Feghali, University of Nottingham
Queer citizenship and the poetry of Erín Moure

Maureen Kincaid Speller, University of Kent
Crossing the 49th Parallel: Canadian perspectives on cultural sovereignty

Security 4
Smaro Kamboureli, University of Guelph
Narrating Humanitarianism: Its Tropes, Affective Instrumentality, and Politics 

A. L. McCready, McMaster University (read by Judy Haiven)
The Yellow Ribbon Campaign 

17.30 Plenary IV Speaker: Professor Claude Denis, University of Ottawa (60 mins)
Canada-US armour for a happy place? Building "perimeter" security without Mexico
19.00 Reception hosted by CHC
20.00 Conference Dinner

Wednesday 6 April 2011

07.30 Breakfast
08.45 SESSION G (105 mins)
Literature 5
Catherine Bates, University of Leeds
‘I was standing still when I fell off my feet’: The Peaceful Insecurity of Robert Kroetsch’s Too Bad

Malgorzata Camastra, University of Nottingham
“Romeo and Juliet or Beauty and the Beast?” Displacement and Unstable Identities in Carol Shields’s The Republic of Love

Krystyna Martynska, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland
A Poetics of Instability – Fred Wah’s Diamond Grill

Panel 3: The October Crisis
Ceri Morgan, Keele University
Writing the October Crisis

David Leahy, Université de Sherbrooke
Policing The October Crisis, Forty Years After

Rachel Killick, University of Leeds
40 years on: October 2010.  Peace and (In)Security – Some Reflections from Montreal

Panel 4: Institutions of Security and Insecurity:  Education, Health, Family and Policing In Post-War Canadian Contexts
J. R. Miller, University of Saskatchewan
Cultural Insecurity in ‘the Peaceable Kingdom’: First Nations and Education

Myra Rutherdale, York University
Health Care For the North:  The Canadian Federal Government, The Patients and Feelings of Insecurity, 1945-1970

Robert Rutherdale, Algoma University
Growing up to Become Fathers after World War Two: A Generational Approach to Family Men’s Drive for Security as Providers from the Great Depression to the Baby Boom Era

Marcel Martel, York University
"They are a security risk”: RCMP undercover operations in the Sixties

Economics/Social Policy
Wayne A. Hunt, Mount Allison University
The Geopolitics Of Creativity – Analysing the Influence of a Canada-Based Thinker, Richard Florida, on Britain’s Decision to Create a Silicon Valley-Style Innovation Hub in East London

Justin Leifso, University of Alberta
The Western Economic Partnership and Canadian Regionalism

Rachel Danemann, South Hams District Council
Community Land Trusts in Canada

10.30 Coffee
11.00 Plenary V: Professor Louis Balthazar (Quebec) (60 mins)
Canada's Continental Destiny and Quebec's Américanité confronted with 
Americans’ security obsession
12.00 SESSION H (60 mins)
Marie Hammond-Callaghan, Mount Allison University
Gender and Peace Politics in the Cold War:  RCMP Surveillance of the Voice of Women, Canada in the 1960s

Penelopi Alexandrou, Kingston University London
The (In)Security of Identity in a Small(er) Urban Setting:  The Greek and Greek Canadian Women of Halifax, NS

Security 5
Irene Spigno, University of Siena 
Hate propaganda: a threat to Canada internal peace and stability

Asa McKercher, Trinity Hall, Cambridge
Seeking ‘Peace, Order and Good Government’?  Canadian Policy towards British Guiana, 1961-66

Karen Fricker, Royal Holloway, University of London
Making Theatre Global: Robert Lepage and the Problem of ‘Universality’

Alex Ramon, University of Reading/Kingston University  
“It’s no Eden … /But it’s home sweet home to me”: Conflict, Community and “Decoding the Signs of the City” - Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg (2007) 

Literature 7
Marianne Beauvilain, Mount Royal University
Breaking Silences: Using Fiction to Tell Stories that Cannot be Told

Robyn Morris, University of Wollongong,
The writer as cultural critic 

Aboriginal Studies 2
Alfred Wong, Friends of Aboriginal Health
Socio-economic aspects of corruption in aboriginal communities

Alfred Wong and Gerald Amos, Friends of Aboriginal Health
Housing in aboriginal communities - a new beginning from failed past policies

13.00 Lunch (Québec reception and award of Prix du Québec)
14.00 SESSION I (60 minutes)

Literature 8
Heather Latimer, University of Manchester
Reproduction, Citizenship and Technoscience in Larissa Lai’s Salt Fish Girl

Hannah McGregor, University of Guelph
“Do You Think Of What Is Happening There?”: Gender, Race, and the Politics of Empathy in Kim Echlin’s The Disappeared

Quebec Studies 
Anne-Marie Fortier, Université Laval
« Chroniques de la Nouvelle-France » d’André Roche. L’après-guerre comme recommencement du monde

Denisa-Adriana Oprea, Université de Montréal
Femmes dans la ville: solidarité et responsabilité pour pallier l’insécurité

Panel 5: US-Canada Security Relations: a strategic reading from Mexico
Teresina Gutiérrez-Haces, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)
National Security and Foreign Direct Investment in Canada

Salvador Cervantes, Universidad del Valle de Atemajac
Smart Border Programs: perspective between Mexico, United States and Canada

15.00 Tea and close of conference

Jodie Robson,
Mar 25, 2011, 5:17 AM