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Call for Papers

Democracy as a work in progress:

the intellectual and cultural dynamics of the Canadian idea


BACS 35th Annual Conference

Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge, UK

6 - 8 April 2010

 The British Association for Canadian Studies (BACS) is pleased to announce that the 2010 annual conference will take place 6-8 April 2010 at Murray Edwards College (New Hall as was), Cambridge. Proposals for 20-minute papers, to be presented in either English or French, are invited from any single disciplinary or multidisciplinary perspective. Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary panel proposals, including those from postgraduate students, are welcome.

James Tully has suggested that

[A] constitution should not be seen as a fixed set of rules but, rather, as an imperfect form of accommodation of the diverse members of a political association that is always open to negotiation by the members of the association. … as a form of activity, an intercultural dialogue in which the culturally diverse sovereign citizens of contemporary societies negotiate agreements on their forms of association over time. (Strange Multiplicity, 1995)

This conference will consider a broad range of perspectives on the nature of democracy, meaning, power and possibilities, interpretation, literary and cultural representation, historical meaning, political theory, political philosophy, historical and critical reflections on problems of a globalising age, matters of governance, interpretive approaches and forms of recognition or freedom. Moreover, it will consider the manner in which these ideas have been studied and understood by researchers and students over time, so illuminating our shared but contested intellectual and cultural traditions. The experience, constraints and explorations of vocabularies and disciplines practised in Canada and elsewhere are formed within contemporary frameworks of ideas, cultural practices, texts and institutions. Papers may focus solely on Canada or offer an informed view of Canada in comparative context.

Papers will be especially appreciated in the following areas:

  • Democracy, Rule of Law, human rights, policy
  • Constitution, freedom, civic freedom
  • Government, governance, institutions, economics
  • Dialogue, representation, parties and networks
  • History, memory and identity
  • Societies, integration/disintegration, inclusion/exclusion
  • Cultural practices, representations, institutions, and textual productions
  • Interpretive approaches and methodologies: assessing the data; evaluating achievement; managing expectation  
  • Quality of life: health, environment, ecology, community
  • Capability: organisational, legal, social and policy perspectives
  • Literary, artistic and filmic representations of Canadian intellectual, cultural, and political thought

Enquiries and proposals to:

Jodie Robson, BACS Administrator

Email: canstuds@gmail.com

Proposals (panel and individual) and deadline:

Email abstract(s) of 200-300 words and brief CV (please do not exceed one side of A4) which must include title(s), institutional affiliation(s) and address(es) by 15 November 2009. Submissions will be acknowledged by email. Postgraduate students are especially welcome to submit a proposal and there will be a concessionary conference fee for students. BACS regrets that it is unable to assist participants with travel and accommodation costs.

Jodie Robson,
7 May 2009, 03:51
Jodie Robson,
7 May 2009, 03:50