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Saturday 28 March 2009


10.00    Registration and coffee

            [BACS Council meeting]                                                                                                 


10.30    SESSION A (90 mins)


Carolyne A. Gorlick, University of Western Ontario, Gaining Ground, Losing Ground: Rural Homelessness

Susan Machum and Michael Clow, St Thomas University, You can’t get there from here: Why New Brunswick, Canada’s ‘Road to Self-Sufficiency’ task force agenda is destined to fail

Alan Pomfret, The University of Western Ontario, Childhood, Citizenship and Participation in Canada: Policies, Practices and Prospects 



Andrew Griffiths, Director General, Citizenship and Multiculturalism, Canadian Multiculturalism: Harmony or Jazz?

Robert Orr, Minister, Immigration, Canadian High Commission, Can Migration Be Managed? The Canadian Experience



Lisa Doolittle, University of Lethbridge and Anne Flynn, University of Calgary, Assimilating and Accommodating: Bodies and Dancing, Canada’s Choreography of Multicultural Nationhood in the 20th century

Stacy Douglas, University of Kent, The Space of the Nation: Canadian National Myth Making at the 4th Line Theatre Production Company

Tamara Extian-Babiuk, Duke University, “We Welcome All-the-World and his Wife!” Racialized Depictions of Inclusion and Exclusion in Canadian Political Cartoons



Mei-Chuen Wang, University of Cardiff, Unsettling Auto/Biography: Genre Transgression in Anne Michaels’s Fugitive Pieces  

Agnieszka Rzepa, Adam Mickiewicz University, Negotiating Belonging: Margaret Sweatman’s When Alice Lay Down With Peter

Ewa Urbaniak-Rybicka, Adam Mickiewicz University, Kalisz, Poland, “We and thee (…), us and them” - Not Wanted on the Voyage by Timothy Findley as a postmodern parable of difference


12.30    Lunch


13.30    SESSION B (90 mins)                                                                                                


Fiona Tolan, Liverpool John Moores University, Contested Visions of Being, Becoming and Belonging in Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin

Cristina Ivanovici, University of Birmingham, Archiving Literary Celebrity: Reading the Atwood Papers

Katrin Urschel, National University of Ireland, Galway, Irish Ontario in Canadian Literature: Diversity and Social Inclusion in the works of Harry J. Boyle and Dennis T. Patrick Sears



Beesan Sarrouh, University of Alberta, Multicultural education policies in Britain and Ontario

Zuochen Zhang and Shijing Xu, University of Windsor, I made my home in Canada, but do I feel at home: Voices of visible minority immigrants enrolled in a Canadian University

Natasha Saltes, York University, Capturing Disability on Camera: An Analysis of Disability Representation in Television Programming with a Focus on Canadian Regulatory Initiatives



Diana Yankova and Andrei Andreev, New Bulgarian University, Cross-cultural and transnational identity: Bulgarian immigrants in Canada

Laura Weir, Carleton  University, The Making of a Multicultural Imaginary: The Ukrainian Canadian community’s role in challenging the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism

Sonia Boulad, Institut d'Etudes Politiques of Aix en Provence, The Middle Eastern Christian Diaspora in Quebec and in France: A Distinct Case of Immigration



Tracie Scott, Birkbeck College, The meaning of sovereignty in a multi-national state: lessons from the Nisga’a Final Agreement

Senwung Luk, McGill University, Confounding concepts: the judicial recognition of the constitutional protection of Aboriginal self-government rights in Canada  

Nathalie Kermoal, University of Alberta, “Who are you?”; “Justify your existence to Us?”: The Métis Fight for Inclusion in a Bilingual and Multicultural Canada


B5: PANEL: Cityscapes, In/exclusion and the Canadian Metropolis

Rachel Walls, University of Nottingham, Conflict, cameras and collapse: Timothy Taylor’s representation of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside in the novel Story House

Helena Grdadolnik, Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, Olympics and regeneration in Vancouver and London

Mary Kathleen Smith, University of East London, The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth: Mythical Belonging and Alterity in a Prairie City

15.00    Tea


15.30    SESSION C (60 mins)


Peter Clancy, St Francis Xavier University, Canadian Offshore Petroleum and the Aboriginal Challenge 



Dagmara Drewniak, Adam Mickiewicz University, ‘Memory is also a form of negotiation’ – the concept of post/memory in recent immigrant writing in Canada

Britta Olinder, Gothenburg University, Being, belonging and becoming: The Ukrainian issue in Keefer's wor



Danielle Lafond, University of Toronto, Multiracial Men in Canada: Identity, Race and Masculinity?

Nancy Earle, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Is There a Writer in the House?Cultural Citizenship and the Canada Council Writer-in-Residence Program


Jordan Axani, Royal Military College of Canada, The ‘Van Doos’: Glorifying or Exemplifying French Canadian Identity?

Lucille H. Campey, In at the deep end: the English children who were sent to Atlantic Canada in the late 19th and early 20th centuries

Dawna Moore, University of Ottawa, Brewers, Shopkeepers, Gentlemen, and Church Ladies: Torontos Victorian Philanthropists and Social Inclusion


16.30    BACS AGM                                                                                                                


17.30    Plenary I: Eccles Lecture, Professor Heidi Macpherson, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, De Montfort University, Mouthy Enemies: Canadian Writers and the Power of Being, Belonging, and Celebrity

19.00    Reception and welcome by the Lord Mayor of Oxford                                                                                                                   

20.00    Dinner  




Sunday 29 March 2009


07.30    Breakfast                                                                                                                 

08.00    Registration                                                                                                                  


08.45    SESSION D (120 mins)

D1: PANEL: Feminist Translation as Creative, Interpretive, and Community-Building Process in the Production and Reception of the Work of Nicole Brossard
Chair: Susan Rudy, University of Calgary
Nicole Brossard, Poet, Novelist, Essayist, Montréal
Louise Forsyth, University of Saskatchewan
Anne-Marie Wheeler, University of Saskatchewan


Azra Dabiri, Azzahra University and Avisa Rouholamin, Simon Fraser University, Iranian Immigrants and the Issue of Identity and Adjustment: The Case of the City of Vancouver 

Felicity M Greenfields, The Open University, More Equal than Others: Canadian myths on acceptance of Otherness

Paula Donovan, University College Cork, Chinese immigration to Canada from 1788 to 2008: Language and Integration

Mukesh Bhatt, Birkbeck College, University of London, Autopoiesis In A Growing Diaspora: Gujaratis and Canada part II



Wayne A. Hunt, Mount Allison University, A Digitally-Inclusive Intellectual: How Michael Ignatieff’s use of social networking opened a space for the participation of a number of “New Canadian”groups

Joseph Ahorro, University of Alberta, Revitalizing Canadian Political Parties: Engaging ‘Visible-Minority’ Groups In Political Participation and Democratic Governance 

Howard Cody, University of Maine, Stephen Harper and the Politics of Identity 

Martin Thornton, University of Leeds, Anglo-Canadian relations at the Versailles Peace Conference of 1919: the relationship of Sir Robert Borden and Lloyd George



Sarah Galletly, University of Strathclyde, ‘on the sweet circumference of things’: Gwendolyn MacEwen, the Haida, and the threat of marginalisation

Shannon Hengen, Laurentian University, The Woodland School of Aboriginal Theatre in Ontario

Thomas Snell, University of Newcastle, Being the Dehumanised, Becoming the Rehumanised and Belonging as the Posthumanised 

Gundula Wilke, Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Belonging to CanLit: Construction and Representation of First Nations Literature by First Nations Critics 


10.45    Coffee                                                                                                                          

11.15    Plenary session: Professor Patrick James, President of ACSUS

12.00    Plenary II: Professor Gérard Bouchard, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, Managing Ethnic Diversity in Québec: the so-called "accommodation crisis" and the Bouchard-Taylor Report

13.00    Lunch (Québec reception and award of Prix du Québec)                                              


14.00   SESSION E (90 mins)        


Guy Laforest, Université Laval, The Bouchard-Taylor Commission and the Place of Québec in the Unfolding of the Modern Nation-State

Ian Morrison, York University, The Emergence of the Secular Citizen in Québec


Ken Hirschkop, University of Waterloo, The art of multiculturalism:  the aestheticisation of urban ethnicity in the Canadian novel

Will Smith, University of Nottingham, “A dream of interpenetration”: Toronto in Stephen Marche’s Raymond and Hannah (2005)

Johannes Springer and Christian Werthschulte, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Diversity's other? News from Canada's suburban nowhere



Victoria Dickenson, McCord Museum Montreal Souvenirs of Here: the Photograph Album as Private Archive of Chinese Montrealers

Leslie Tepper, Curator of Ethnology, Pacific Coast Canadian Museum of Civilization, Formlines and Formulations: Constructing Northwest Coast Aboriginal Representation at Canada’s National History Museum



Brian Tanguay, Wilfrid Laurier University, State Funding of Religious Schools in Ontario and Quebec 

George H. Richardson, University of Alberta, Ingrid Johnston, University of Alberta, Terry Carson, University of Alberta and Dwayne Donald, University of Alberta, Plural Contexts, Singular Perspectives: Canadian Teacher Education and the Tensions of Diversity Education 



Betty Bednarski, Dalhousie University, Sameness and Difference in Les belles-soeurs: A Canadian Spectator's Reflections on Two Polish Productions of Michel Tremblay's Play

Simone Lomartire, University of Leeds, ‘Home, home at last[?]’ Staging and performing social segregation and integration in Caterina Edwards’ Homeground and Marco Micone’s Déjà l’agonie  

Francesca L'Orfano , Carleton University, An Italian diaspora in Canada: Identità - Two Films: Les Enfants de la Loi 101 and Sons and Daughters: The Italians of Schreiber


Matthew Jones, Canterbury Christ Church University and The University of Kent, Modern Canada, Liberalism, and the ‘Politics of Difference’

Fiona MacDonald, University of Manitoba, The Emergence of Neoliberal Multiculturalism and its Implications for Group Differentiated Citizenship in Canada


15.30    Tea                                                                                                                              


16.00    SESSION F  (90 mins)


Krzysztof Majer, Adam Mickiewicz University, The Raven Breaks the Vessels: The Trickster Myth and the Kabbalah in Mordecai Richler’s Solomon Gursky Was Here  

Jonathan Rollins, Ryerson University, Manufactured Belonging: Code-switching and the Culture Industry in the fiction of Wayson Choy 

Catherine Bates, Keele University, Becoming through waste: Rubbish and subjectivity in First Nations writings 



Ruth Kircher, Queen Mary, University of London, Language attitudes and linguistic integration: immigrants in Quebec 

Claude Couture and Paul Dubé, University of Alberta, Non-Christian French speaking minorities in Alberta and ‘public’ schools  

Vera Regan and Niamh Nestor, University College Dublin, Language and emigration: the case of Canadian-Kashubs and Irish-Poles



Manvitha Singamsetty, University of Ottawa, National Identity in a multicultural society: What it means and why it matters

Rémi Léger, Queen’s University and Jean-François Caron, Laval University, Contiguous Diasporas as a Form of Liberal Multiculturalism: An Inquiry of Canadian

Jean-François Caron, Laval University, The Supreme Court Reference Relating to Quebec Secession: A Move Toward Democratic Agonism and its Potential for Political Unity of the Canadian State 



Martin Fürlinger, University of Graz, Austria, Culture, Multiculturalisme, Transculturalisme? Transculturalism in the works of Lise Tremblay

Gillian Roberts, University of Nottingham, Yann Martel’s Syncretic Self: Bilingualism and Radical Simultaneity

Christina Horvath, Oxford Brookes University, Littérature migrante en France et au Québec : une lecture croisée de Sami Tchak et de Dany Laferrière



Marina Morgenshtern and Shoshana Pollack, Wilfrid Laurier University, On the intricacies of identity(ies) and  belonging(s): multiculturalism, Soviet Jewish immigrants and the Canadian Jewish community

Gregory S. Szarycz, Wilfrid Laurier University, East-Central European Immigrants’ Attitudes Towards Interracial Couples in Canada: Cultural Integration, Racial Discrimination and the Mainstream Canadian Identity

Molly Tepper, Constructions of “First Generation” Identity Conflicts in Canada



David MacKenzie, Ryerson University, The Indian Act and the Aboriginal Peoples of  Newfoundland at the Time of Confederation

Christopher G. Trott, University of Manitoba, Articulating Nationalisms: Inuit Celebrations of Canada Day in Pangnirtung, Nunavut

Roy Todd, University of Leeds, Urban Indigenous Cultural Renewal: Decolonisation and the Transformation of Social Conditions for Urban Indigenous Communities?


17.30    Plenary III Prof. Keith Banting, Queens University Kingston, Belonging: Multiculturalism and Social Integration in Canada

19.00    Reception hosted by CHC                                                                                          

20.00    Conference Dinner and after dinner address by HE Mr James Wright, High Commissioner for Canada



Monday 30 March 2009


07.30    Breakfast                                                                                                                 


09.00    SESSION G  (90 mins)                     

G1: Legal Studies Panel 1: Issues of Discrimination

Lisa Vanhala, Disability Rights Activists in the Supreme Court of Canada: Legal Mobilization Theory and Accommodating Social Movements

Robert Tarantino, "Free to deal as he may choose" – Why displacing "freedom of commerce" was a necessary condition to the creation of Canadian multiculturalism



Steve Hewitt, University of Birmingham and Christabelle Sethna, University of Ottawa, the Americans were particularly poorly behaved”: Canadian State Security and the 1971 Indo-Chinese Conference

Betsy Cooper, University of Oxford, Terrorism or National Identity? Canada in Comparative Perspective


G3: Legal Studies Panel 2: Environmental Destruction

Laura Westra, University of Windsor and Bradford Morse, University of Ottawa, Environmental Destruction of the Canadian Arctic and its Impact upon the Health of the Inuit

G4: Legal Studies Panel 3: State, Law and Theory

Noura Karazivan, University of Montreal, Law and Geography in Canadian Constitutional Space

Angela Campbell, McGill University,  Bountiful Voices

Shauna Van Praagh, McGill University, A Walk through the Neighbourhood - Diversity on the Ground


Shauna Wilton, University of Alberta, Representations of Diversity – Delivering national myths to new immigrants

Vincent Defraiteur, North-American Studies Centre, ULB (Brussels), La péréquation en tant qu'outil de citoyenneté

Elliot L. Tepper, Carleton University, Visible Minorities and Employment Equity: Changing Parameters of Inclusiveness in Canada  

10.30    Coffee                                                                                                                          


11.00    Plenary IV: Legal Studies Group speaker, The Hon. Madam Justice Rosie Abella                                                 


12.00    SESSION H (60 mins)                                                                                                                

H1: Legal Studies Panel 4: State, Law and Religion

Kathleen Mahoney, University of Calgary, Hate Speech, Equality and the State of Canadian Law

Asha Kaushal, University of British Columbia,  Accommodation in a Multicultural Society: Re-examining the Public/Private Divide

H2: Legal Studies Panel 5

Lucinda Ferguson, University of Oxford, Minority Children and their Families in Public and Private Law Disputes: “Best Interests,” Multiculturalism, and Self-Determination

Anastasia Tataryn, York University, Redefining the Myth of Canada: Undocumented Residence, Illegality, and the Prospect of Regularization in a Conservative Canada


Irving Abella, York University and the University of Ottawa, “Enduring Myths”: Reflections on Canada's  Immigration and Refugee Policies



Wendy Cukier, Margaret Yap, Charity-Ann Hannan and Mark Holmes, Ryerson University, Organizational Commitment of Racial Minorities in the IT/ICT and Financial Industries in Canada

Teresa Gutiérrez-Haces, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Canadian´s Economic Foreign Policy in the post NAFTA Era

Alan Hallsworth, Surrey University, Principles for Sale


13.00    Lunch                                                                                                                            


14.00    SESSION I (90 minutes)

I1: Legal Studies Panel 7: Juridical Questions

Charles-Maxime Panaccio, University of Ottawa, The Virtues of the Canadian Practice of Constitutional Rights Judicial Review

Nelson Dordelly-Rosales, University of Ottawa, Constitutional Democracy: Canada and Venezuela

i2: Legal Studies Panel 8: Managing Diversity

Violaine Lemay, University of Montreal, Vigilance démocratique, protection par le droit et construction de l’exclusion par les cloisons disciplinaires.  L’exemple de l’évaluation scolaire

Jean-Francois Gaudreault-Desbiens, Université de Montréal Canada's Multijural Condition



Marlene Goldman, University of Toronto at Scarborough, Belonging and Becoming: The Trope of Spirit Possession in the Early Writing of Dionne Brand

Malgorzata Camastra, University of Nottingham, Being or Constant Becoming?” – Portrait of  a Modern Man as Presented by Carol Shields in Larry’s Party

Yoko Fujimoto, Waseda University Japan, Modes of Knowledge and Silence in Shani Mootoo’s Cereus Blooms at Night


I4: PANEL: Canada/UK Research Councils Forum

Sylvie Paquette, Director of Policy, Planning and International Affairs, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Shearer West, Director of Research, Arts and Humanities Research Council

Glyn Davies, Director for International Affairs, Economic and Social Research Council


15.30    Tea

16.00    A Conversation with Yasmin Alibhai Brown and Catherine Fieschi

            Chair: Doug Saunders, Globe and Mail European Bureau

17.00    Close of conference