Houses And Lots Or Lots Only For Sale In Bacolod City: Oasis Subdivision, Mansilingan, Bacolod City. For as low as 52,800 Down Payment, You can Have Your Own Lot In A Classy Subdivision 15-Minutes From The Downtown Area.

If you are looking for a house and lot or lot only for sale in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines, you may want to consider Oasis Subdivision. Affordable lot prices, great house designs, convenient location and a classy neighborhood complete with all the facilities and amenities you need to experience a comfortable & fulfilling home life.

Please check out basic property information below, including photos, prices, financing terms and even sample quotes.

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Oasis Subdivision Virtual Tour

Project / Property Profile

Name of Subdivision:       Oasis Subdivision

Location:                      Brgy, Mansilingan, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Located along the national hi-way going to Murcia
ight beside Coca Cola Plant
About 200 meters from Mansilingan Church
15-minutes drive from Libetad Market
                                   20-minutes from Downtown Bacolod City

Properties for Sale:         Residential Lots, 120-200 sq.m. average area
                                        Residential Houses / Units with 6 house models
                                       * 3 2-storey house models
                                       * 3 1-storey house models

Developer:                      Dynamic Properties & Realty Corporation
                                        sister company of Dynamic Builders & Const. Corp.
                                        owned and managed by Ricky Yanson

Development Phases:      Phase 1A - not yet for sale
                                         Phase 1B - sold out
                                         Phase 2A - 120-160 sq.m. lots for sale
                                         Phase 2-B - not yet for sale
                                         Phase 3A - 100 lots for sale
                                        *PhasE 3-B - 100 lots for sale
Lot Prices:                      Phase 2-A - P 3,200 to P 3,500/sq.m.
                                       Phase 3A  - P 2,700 to P 2,900/sq.m.
                                       Phase 3-B - P 2,400 to P 2,600/sq.m.

House & Lot Prices:       2-storey House Models
                                       Martha -
                                       Rebecca -


Payment Terms and Financing Options:

                                    Reservation Fee:    5,000/lot -lot only
                                                                  10,000/house & lot package

                                Cash Basis - 5% discount if total price paid in 30 days

                                    Installment - 20% Down Payment (4 months to pay)    

                                   Bank & Pag-IBIG

Sample Quotations   
Lot Only             

Phase 3B, Area: 110 sq.m., Price: P 2,400/sq.m. = P 264,000.00

20% Down Payment: 52,800.00 (less 10% discount on the 20% down payment if paid outright)
80% Balance: 211,200.00

In-house Financing
5 years to pay: 5,135.97/month
7 years to pay: 4,225.00/month
10 years to pay: 3,603.97/month

Phase 3A, Area: 120 sq.m., Price: P 2,700/sq.m. = P 324,000.00

20% Down Payment: 64,800.00 (less 10% discount on the 20% down payment if paid outright)
80% Balance: 259,200.00

In-house Financing
5 years to pay: 6,303.24/month
7 years to pay: 5,658.26/month
10 years to pay: 4,423.05/month

Phase 2-A (near clubhouse) Area: 120 sq.m., Price: P 3,500/sq.m. = 384,000.00

20% Down Payment: 76,800.00 -
(less 10% discount on the 20% down payment if paid outright)
80% Balance: 307,200.00

In-house Financing
5 years to pay: 7,470.51/month
7 years to pay: 6,145.45/month
10 years to pay: 5,242.13/month

House and Lot Package
Olivia (3 Bedrooms, 2 T&B, 1 Carport) Floor Area: 66 sq.m.
Minimum Lot Area Requirement: 120sq.m. (10m. x 12m.)

Lot Price:                          P          324,000.00 (phase 3-A)

House Price:                      P       2,025,000.00

 House & Lot Price:           P       2,349,000.00


 90% Down payment:        P       2,114,100.00

less 5% discount                           117,450.00 – based on total house price

if paid in 30 days              =============

Net Down Payment:         P       1,996,650.00

10% Balance:                    P          234,900.00 – upon notice of title availability

 Sample Payment Schedule:                      

 April 3, 2009                     P             10,000.00 – Reservation

May 3, 2009                      P        1,986,650.00 – Net 90% Down Payment

 10% Balance:                    P            234,900.00 – payable on notice of title availability

 INSTALLMENT (note: 20% down payment can be paid up to 6 months without discounts)

 20% Down Payment:      P            469,800.00

less 10% Discount           P              46,980.00

if paid Outright                       ==============

Net Down Payment:        P            422,820.00

 80% Balance:                    P          1,879,200.00 – 5,7 or 10 years to pay

 Sample Payment Schedule:                      

P          469,800.00 – Net Down Payment

P        1,879,200.00 – 80% Balance

 Monthly Amortization

 P           45,698.50/month – 5 years to pay

 P            37,672.60/month – 7 years to pay

 P            32,067.10/month – 10 years to pay

Documents Needed:

*copy of Passport or Community Tax Cert.
*copy of Marriage Certificate (if married)

*2 copies ID with specimen

                    signature & photo

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Oasis Subdivision, Welcome Entrance along Mansilingan National Hi-way

Olivia House Model
Rebecca House Model
Martha House Model
Facilities & Amenities

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Telephone Nos. 63-933-5414636
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