The Backyard Beamed Electric Propulsion Project

Project Description

  • This is a project to implement a low cost beam climbing tether-less lifter using BEP technology. The project will help develop feasibility and cost data for large scale missions.
  • The design is centered around a 1 kilogram payload beam climber.
  • A 5 Kilowatt Blue Laser is used to power the craft.
  • A bandwidth matched, Liquid Cooled CPV panel will be used to adsorb the Laser's energy
  • The collected energy will be used to ionize the entire craft, comprising an electrostatic lifter, this will provide a theoretical max altitude of more than 12 miles.
  • Alternatively, the craft will utilize other types of advanced BEP thruster

Beamed Electric Propulsion: Why?

-Reduces overall propellant mass

-Increases Robustness

-Laser and maser transmission found "feasible" for ETO (Earth To Orbit) BEP by NASA study

-ETO costs will be reduced, increasing feasibility of SSP and civilian space projects.

Project Updates

-5 kw Laser Prototype - Built and working on the cheap, videos soon.
-will be assembling lifter next payday

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