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Sticky Leather Steering Wheel

sticky leather steering wheel
    steering wheel
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Marshmallows, fingernail polish, chewing gum (watermelon and coffee flavored), and varnish! (Before it was varnished this page had the most amazing smell.) All arranged into a beautifully sticky valentine for my lovely Flickr sweethearts! I'm afraid college has been keeping me really busy and stressed. :^( Just riding the bus to school and back again takes two hours. X^( Most days I'm too exhausted to even have lunch, much less keep up on my websites...but I had to take some time in order to post this! I love all my buddies on Flickr, and I miss you a lot! *kiss kiss*
What a sticky meal!
What a sticky meal!
sticky bean + raw egg yolk + lady's finger + starchy potato paste + rice = super super sticky! Day 1 | Tokyo - Harajuku - Ootoya Restaurant

sticky leather steering wheel