Falken Wheels For Sale

falken wheels for sale
    for sale
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  • Originally created by Herb Rose, Falken BBS was one of the few BBS products which allowed up to 128 users to dial in to a single system (running DOS) using multiport hardware, requiring no external multitasker.
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falken wheels for sale - Falken FK452
Falken FK452 High Performance Tire - 205/40R17 84
Falken FK452 High Performance Tire - 205/40R17  84
FK452 truly defines the ultra high performance tire. Falken’s optimal performance FK452 is available in a wide array of diameters, 16”- 24” and staggered widths, making it versatile and resourceful. Five linear ribs and three-dimensional rounded tread blocks offer precise handling response. With a new silica compound and multi-angled grooves, grip is significantly improved in the wet, while tire wear resistance is kept to a minimum. FK452 features the latest developments in noise absorption technology due to phase-shifted random pitch variation, while handling response and high-speed stability are improved. FK452 also boasts a reinforced steel bead filler and a dual tread compound, enabling excellent handling and quick response, particularly for larger diameter applications.

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BMW 323i Sale
BMW 323i Sale
Well maintained 1999 BMW 323i, 5speed, 2.5L I6, Reason for Selling: bad back/neck, and I can't afford to have bad posture anymore (don't fit in car properly, tall torso) Fuel Economy: rated at 17/26, have seen 28.6mpg on freeway trips Mileage: 149.5k Interior: trim wrapped in 3M Di-Noc Carbon fiber Stereo: BMW Business CD OEM, speakers replaced for sale (stock level) Motor: 2.5L I6, Sharked (chipped, smog legal), everything else stock, OIL=Castrol Syntec full symth 10w40 WHeels: BBS RK's 17x8 (seen better days, but they're ok) Drivetrain: Z3 Short Shift Kit, new bushings, Clutch Replaced ~130k, UUC Clutch stop Exhaust: Resonator Delete, Some Aftermarket Muffler Tires: Rear are Falken FK452, replaced less than 1k miles ago, fronts are Sumitomo HRZ, all are 245/40/17 (wider than stock) Suspension: Aftermarket Swaybays, H&R Street Suspension, Final Price: $4000
FS: Raderwerks M-TEN85 (Silver) w/ Tires FL
FS: Raderwerks M-TEN85 (Silver) w/ Tires FL
FS: Raderwerks M-TEN85 (Silver) w/ Tires FL Specs: 5x112 18x8F 18x9R et 42/45 2" lip on the fronts, 3" lip on the rears 24lbs All wheels are in excellent condition, with no curbage or bends except for one of the fronts has a little ding in one of the spokes (pictured) Tires are Falken 512s 215/40/18 all around. Fronts have uneven treadwear from me being stupid and waiting to long before getting my car aligned. Message me if interested.

falken wheels for sale
falken wheels for sale
Can You Find It? America: Search and Discover More Than 150 Details in 20 Works of Art (Can You Find It? (Abrams Books for Young Readers))
The Can You Find It? books have delighted countless children, inviting them to look more closely at works of art by searching for hidden details. Now comes a new title in the series, featuring paintings, prints, and textiles from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Each work is characteristically American, and each is filled with a wealth of details to discover.

Among the works featured are Washington Crossing the Delaware, by Emmanuel Leutze; Across the Continent: ?Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way”, by Frances Flora Bond Palmer for Currier & Ives; The Last Moments of John Brown, by Thomas Hovenden; Thanksgiving Turkey, by Grandma Moses; The Photographer, by Jacob Lawrence; and Street Story Quilt; by Faith Ringgold.

Praise for the Can You Find It? series

Family Fun ?Our Favorite Things” selection

?This is art as entertainment with an educational bent.” ?School Library Journal

?It’s hard to fault a book that encourages young readers to pore over every square centimeter . . .” ?Booklist