Covert Hidden Camera

covert hidden camera
    hidden camera
  • A hidden camera is a still or video camera used to film people without their knowledge. The camera is "hidden" because it is either not visible to the subject being filmed, or is disguised as another object.
  • (The Hidden Cameras) The Hidden Cameras are a Canadian indie pop band. Fronted by singer-songwriter Joel Gibb, the band consists of a varying roster of musicians who play what Gibb once described as "gay church folk music".
  • (of a wife) being under the protection of her husband; "a woman covert"
  • secret or hidden; not openly practiced or engaged in or shown or avowed; "covert actions by the CIA"; "covert funding for the rebels"
  • (of a woman) Married and under the authority and protection of her husband
  • a flock of coots
  • Not openly acknowledged or displayed
covert hidden camera - Mini Desk
Mini Desk Clock Hidden Camera with built in 4GB DVR
Mini Desk Clock Hidden Camera with built in 4GB DVR
Mini Desk Clock Hidden Camera with built in 4GB DVR
This fully functioning Mini Desk Clock Hidden Camera can be used almost anywhere you go. Place it anywhere in your home to catch a cheating spouse or abusive nanny. Record activity in your hotel room while you're out. All controls are located on the bottom of the clock base.Features: Color Camera 300K Pixels, Functioning clock, Video Format AVI, 15 FPS, Resolution 640x480, Memory 4GB Internal, Video Recording with time and date stamp on display playback, USB 2.0(Hs), Built-in rechargeable Li-Battery, Last approximately 1.5 hours per single charge, Dimensions 1 7/8 x 1 3/4 x 5/8, No driver needed if the operating system is Windows ME/2000/XP/ or above

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Covert Ops
Covert Ops
Covert Ops 0400 hours and I'm enjoying a nice dream when I feel something nudging me awake... 'Hamish, it's 4am what on earth are you waking me up for!' 'We're good to go, the mission is on, we need to get out there before it gets light... c'mon, get up, get up!' So up I get and off to the coast we go. When we arrive, Hamish jumps out, looks around for a big puddle of mud and jumps on in and starts rolling about in it. A few minutes later he appears all cammed up! 'Hamish, what are you up to now, why do you need to be all cammed up like this?' I asked. 'What do mean cammed up?' 'All that mud you've got all over yourself for camouflage, that's what I mean.' 'That's not for camouflage, I was just feeling a bit itchy, us cows like to have a good roll in the mud every now and again.... anyway, where were we. Oh yeah, the mission, listen man, thanks for the lift and all (Hamish has started speaking Americanish since we've been here) now listen up, I may be gone some time on this one, so don't wait around. I'll get back in touch if all goes well.' And with that he turned and jumped into the dark swamp, and called out once last time 'It's gonna be a blast man!' as he swam off into the darkness. So I've no idea when we'll be seeing him again. Take care out there Hamish, wherever you are.
SUNGLASSES HIDDEN CAMERA WITH BUILT-I DVR & AUDIO Sunglasses with a mini spy camera and DVR make your spy video in style and ease using this covert camera sunflasses set with 4GB of on board flash memory and the ability for more storage via a micro SD (TF) card slot up to 8GB. With amazing qualityb video in 3GP format at 640x480 resolution and 25fps, easy 2 button control, a long lasting rechargeable battery, and polarized lenses for eye protection, you have a true spy gadget every surveillance buff would be proud to own. SPECIFICATIONS: CAMERA 1.3 CMOS Color Sensor, field of view: 60 degrees, Built in microphone range: 2m, Storage:4GB, MICRO SD: up to 8GB, Typical Battery Life: 3.5 Hours from 5 hour charge. Video Format: AVI Resolution: VIdeo 680x480 PHOTO 1280x960, Frame Rate: 25 fps, Power Source Internal 550mAH Battery (USB Charger) Dimension: 160mmx160mmx36mm (LxWxD). Stylish Design Polarized Lenses, Easy 2 Button Control. Includes: Manual,Glasses Case, USB Power Aadpter, USB ChargingCable, $162.00

covert hidden camera
covert hidden camera
DLC Covert "Special Ops" IR Digital Trail Camera
Affordable and compact! Getting pictures is as simple as adding a line to your current cell provider account! Automatically sends pictures to cell phone or email via MMS via the GSM Network. The Covert "Special OPS" is a fraction of the size and cost of our competitors! Unlike our competition, there is no "Plan" to buy, just add a line through your current cell provider and start receiving images wirelessly! No website to log on to, pictures are sent directly to your cell phone or email instantly! The gallery shown below are actual, real-time pictures from a deployed camera! The "Special OPS" is perfect for scouting, security, and surveilance anywhere a cellular signal is available. Users must insure that they have cell service in the area they plan to use the camera and make certain their provider uses the GSM network. -Sends pictures wirelessly via the GSM cellular network -Compatible with any cell provider that uses SIM cards -Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity Camo -5MP Color CMOS -40' Infrared flash range -Up to 16GB SDHC card -Takes pictures or video with sound -Adjustable picture resolution: 5MP: 2560x1920; 3MP: 2048x1536; Wireless: 320x240 -Adjustable video resolution: high: 640x480 (16fps); low: 320x240 (20fps) -Trigger speed 1.2sec -Interval 1 second - 60min -Photo burst 1-3 images -Adjustable PIR sensitivity (low, med, high) -Date, Time and Temperature stamp -Laser aiming to aid in setup -5.5" x 3.4" x 2.2" in size -Operates on 4 or 8 AA batteries -Long battery life -Ultra compact design -Can operate as a standard trail camera -USB and TV cables provided -Weatherproof -1 Year Warranty -Wireless remote control for programming -Password protected

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