Support & FAQs

Where is the active database & automated backup database located?
    In the following directory you will find both "ewtimeclock.mdb" and "ewtimeclock.bak":  C:\users\public\ExtendYourNetworkLLC

How do I manually backup my database?
    Under settings, the administrator has access to a "BackUp Data" button.  Name & save the backup data file where it will easily be found if needed (it's extension will be ".ewc").  Backup your database often.  It contains otherwise unrecoverable data.

How do I recover and then use the automated or manually backed up database?
    Under settings, the administrator has access to a "Restore Data" button with which you may open the automated or purposely backup database file (see above FAQ).

Can multiple installations be networked to one database?
    Back To Work Time Clock's database is local to the installation, thereby securing privacy & data integrity (much like a wall mounted, card stamping timeclock).  Small businesses which have installed this product find it more helpful to exclude any possible data entry, data loss and/or privacy issues by requiring "in person" clock in & out at one location.  Should an error occur (like forgetting to clock in or out, the administrator can make data adjustments upon request & authorization).
    To use it on a network of computers, perhaps your network administrator can enable access to one installation via a network access solution.  If so, you would then only need the single user license which allows time tracking for up to 150 employees & projects.

How much history is maintained?
    Up to 3 years of history.  Once 3 years of history is attained, data older than 3 years will be sequentially deleted.

How many employees or projects can be tracked?
    Up to 150 employees or projects may be tracked in one database.

Is Back To Work TimeClock customizable?
    No, it is not.

Can the database be uploaded to Quickbooks?
    Yes, by exporting the desired data to a ".csv" file.  This option is enabled to the administrator under "reports".  The ".csv" file may be opened in Excel to further manipulate the data, and/or to save it to an Excel file (".xls" or ".xlsx").

Can reports be e-mailed?
    Yes, by either exporting the desired data to a ".csv" file and e-mailing that file .... or, by "printing" the report to a ".pdf" file (using any of the free PDF writers that are available for download) and then e-mailing that file.
How do I prevent someone from changing the system clock in the computer on which the software is installed?
    One possibility (suggestion only) that may work is to create a separate Windows account for the installation of the software and password protect all Windows administrator account functions ... such as changes to the system time clock.  Then access the software only from that account.

What can I do if I forget my administrator password?
    From the original e-mail address used to buy the license, send an e-mail to requesting assistance.  Please allow 24-48 hours M-F for a response.
Send all inquiries to:

Please allow 24-48 hours M-F for a response.

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