Ever wish you could go back in time and defeat those childhood school bullies? Sandy Girard Franklestone, a fitness instructor and martial artist living in the year 2012, has an accident in the gym one evening while practicing a gymnastic stunt which sends her into a deep coma. While lying in the hospital bed, Sandy is hurled back in time to the year 1985 where she eventually finds herself in her old high school and helps her younger self face the bullies who tormented her.


Mr. Wakasaki, Sandy’s martial arts instructor, aids Sandy (alias Cindy Franks) in her quest to “seal up the Whirlpool of Hurt” caused by Sandy’s prolonged abuse, in order to prevent the negative reverberations across time and space caused by childhood trauma. 


Back to School Mom is full of highly charged drama, martial arts action, and some truly comedic moments as Sandy outwits and tackles her old school bullies. This story was written as a tribute to all those who have found the wisdom and self-confidence which comes with age, and wish their younger selves had found the courage to take a stand against their bullies.



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