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Dispersed Camping Delaware State Forest

January 17th - 19th

This trip was sort of a recon trip, we wanted to test some gear and check out the boat launch area in Milford for our canoe trip.
Milford Beach access is about 15 miles from our site.

The GPS Coordinates I got from PA DCNR were spot on [41.257528, -74.992667]
Edgemere site#1
We arrived by midnight and the temperature was cold but not too cold, probably about 25°. The relative humidity must have been 90%.

Were expecting 4" or so of snow and temps to drop in the low teens by early Sunday. Where we wanted to setup was too rocky and that's where the fire pit and bench was.

We decided to setup across the field in an area that was soft but partially frozen. Staking was not a problem. There were a lot of Pines, firs and such in the area to diffuse the wind a bit, and we were slightly lower than the top of the hill.

I was testing out my new Easton Kilo 3P tent. I setup the tent with the back facing the west, we were expecting high winds coming out of the west.

Pack Weight Including Food and water 33 lbs.

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  • That smoke on the left of the picture is my breath, it was extremely humid

  • This is what we woke up to Saturday morning.

  • Bruce is one of the guys willing to come on my winter trips.

  • This is Greg, Bruce's son, we've been dragging him along just in case Bruce or I need someone to drag us out.

  • Everything was white!

  • This is our road trip to Milford Beach.

  • On the way to Milford we stopped for gas at this little corner store "Arnold's Country Mini-Mart". They had a nice deli and the menu was awesome.
  • Bruce and Greg got a Bacon, Sausage, Pork Roll, Ham, Egg and cheese sandwich... man that looked good.

  • Back on the road again.

  • We arrived at Milford Beach around 10:00am and it's still snowing.

  • First we checked out the Launch Area, not much to look at.

  • It don't look like it, but the river was moving pretty good.

  • Here the guys are trying o figure out the trash cans with the bear locks, we eventually had to watch a bear open one up to figure it out.

  • We headed over to the beach area and decided to have lunch and make some coffee under a pavilion.

  • I'm trying out my new canister stove $6.95 shipped from China, can't beat that, Bruce had one too. I'm making my Egg sandwich in the one egg wonder. This is definitely comfort food for me!

  • This little frying pan has definitely earned its place in my cook kit and both stoves worked flawlessly as well.

  • The snow picked up quite a bit.

  • We got back at camp around noon and it's still snowing. I cleared the snow from the sides and front of the tent but left the back covered figuring it would help block the wind.

  • OK its time to process some firewood, it's getting colder out and we don't want to freeze
    I got a chance to test out my Sawvivor Saw. Review Here!

  • I really love the BK9 and Sawvivor combo... a bit heavt at .

  • We did some serious batonning with the BK9.

  • Bruce and Greg busted up a bunch of tinder and kindling while I was sawing some nearby pines.

  • A couple Vaseline cotton balls on a piece of wax paper and one strike from my fire steel and we were set. Time to put some water on for coffee.

  • Bruce and Greg processing some wood.

  • We were having some difficulty burning some pieces of wood, looked like hemlock, all the pine would burn but not leave us with any kind of coal bed, we started alternating hardwood with the pine and that seemed to work out great. Ahhh, my water is simmering!

  • Hardwood, I believe it was maple.

  • I didn't try my sawyer filter, I was a bit worried it would freeze and break so I decided on boiling some water, there was a small stream about 30' away and as you can see, plenty of snow for melting.

  • It seemed like it took longer for the water to cool after it boiled than it did to get it to boil.

  • It's about 6:30 pm and the fire is going good, I started to get a headache throughout the course of the day, I think it was from sawing and batonning some firewood, I must have pulled something under my right shoulder blade and the pain was going up to the right side of the back of my head causing a headache. I took four Advil and headed to bed.

  • The 2nd night sleeping was colder. Temperature was about 15° Wind was out of the West at 10-15 mph with/rare gusts up to 25 mph.
  • About a half hour before getting out of bed I pulled some of my clothes into the bag to warm up.
  • I quickly packed all my gear except the tent, I think I finally got out of bed by 7:30 or 8:00 am. Bruce was sleeping in the car. Greg was sleeping in the car some of the night but got cold and went back into his sleeping bag. I threw my stuff in the car and said, "LETS GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE", I didn't get any arguments.

  • The tent had a coating of ice on it, I ended up putting the stakes and poles in my pack but just rolled up the tent, fly and footprint and laid them at the bottom of my feet in the car.

On the way home we stopped at Arnold's Country Mini-Mart again and I got one of those big boy sandwiches.

We also stopped to check out another access point for the canoe trip, I think it was the Eshback access.

We decided to take I-80 East into New Jersey and pick up 31 to 29 and then to I-95, the distance was 25 miles shorter, and we saved $10.25 on the outrageous turnpike toll.

Video of the trip.