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I’m sure glad I didn’t change my backpack as much as I have changed my cooking system over the years.  That defiantly would have gotten expensive.  Although I certainly have invested a pretty sum in stoves and cook pots / mess kits.

After running out of fuel with my canister stove on a recent outing, (again) I have switched (again) back to an alcohol stove.  I know you can run out of any fuel, but with my alcohol stove(s), like solid fuel or white gas, it’s easy to know how much you have left or are starting with.  I am happy with my current kitchen setup and have even shaved some carry-weight too.

My current kitchen set-up is:

  • Modified K-Mart grease pot
  • Pot holder
  • SuperCat Stove
  • Wind Screen
  • Mini-Bic Lighter
  • Jet-Set Spoon
  • Piece of a green scrubby
  • Fuel bottle
  • Reflectix Cosy to put it all in
All together this kitchen / cooking / eating system weighs around 8.7 oz.  That's with a 4 oz fuel bottle (4 meals) For longer trips I carry more fuel in a small soda bottle for an extra ounce or two.
 This is my kitchen all packed-up Kitchen without the cosy.  *Note modified lid Everything nested inside the K-Mart grease pot All kitchen contents except the pot cosy
Wind Screed
Grease pot sitting on a SuperCat
Grease pot with holder
 My SuperCat Stove Windscreen made from flashing Grease pot sitting on a SuperCat Pot holder works with lid on