Travel Itinerary

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1. Day long Dhaka tour (Click here for details)

2. Bangladesh in 10 days (Southern Part) :

Day 01 : Arrive Dhaka. Check in Hotel. See Dhaka City a bit.

 Day 02 : Visit old Dhaka, Hindu Street, Sadarghat River Station, Pink Palace, Armenian Church & etc.

5.30 P.M : Start journey to Sadarghat River station (By Cycle Rickshaw) to Catch Rocket Steamer. 7.00 p.m te rocket will start its journey.

 Day 03 : Whole day in the rocket steamer. Enjoy riverside beauty.

5.30 p.m : Reach Mongla. Get off the steamer. Take a Cycle Rickshaw to Hotel Pashur.

Check in Hotel Pashur & stay overnight.

Day 04 : Take a short trip to Sundarbans (5/6 hours Trip by boat).

Day 05 :  8.30 p.m : Check out hotel & start journey to Bagerhat 60 domed Mosque by local bus (1 hour journey). Ask Hotel Manager How to Go. He will help

Day 06 : Take rest in Dhaka. Night (11.00 p.m) : Start journey to Chittagong by Bus.

Day 07 : Whole day in Chittagong. Ship breaking yard, War Cemetery, Mazar, Patenga Sea beach.  

Buy the ticket of Rangamati for next day (S. Alam bus)

Day 08 : 8.30 a.m : Start journey to Rangamati. Reach 12 p.m. Check in Hotel. Take a short lake cruise.

Day 09 : Go to local police station for escort, visit Tribal villages & take lake cruise. Whole day.

Day 10 : Return to Chittagong ------>Dhaka by bus.


2. Srimongol Eco Cottage Trip (Eco Cottage, Reserve Forest & Tea Garden) 

Day 01 : Early Morning (6.40 am) Start journey to Srimongol by Train/Bus.< xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" prefix="o" namespace="">

             01.00 p.m : Reach Srimongol. Check in Eco Cottage. Take Lunch

              03.00 p.m : Visit Tea Gardens, Tribal Homes, Take 5 layer Tea.

             08.30 p.m : Return to Eco cottage. Stay overnight.


Day 02 : 08.00 a.m : Take breakfast. Will visit < xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" prefix="st1" namespace="">Lowachara Reserve Forest. Walk inside the

                              Forest, go to  Tribal villages.

             02.00 p.m : Return to Eco cottage. Take Lunch.

             04.30 p.m : Start journey to Dhaka (Or Chittagong) by Train/bus.