Day Long Dhaka Tour
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Day long  Dhaka Trip (Details itinerary)



1. Bhasani Novotheater (Planetarium)  : Bhasani Novo Theatre, located near Bijoy Sarani of Dhaka is the country's only planetarium to present a celestial show of stars, planets and other heavenly objects of in virtual reality. This dome-shaped theatre with latest technological equipment enables visitors to soar into the space as well as experience the thrills of an inter-planetary journey in a three dimensional environment. Bhasani Novo Theatre, constructed on 22.96 thousand square metres, was inaugurated on September 25, 2004.


2. Zia Uddayan (Zia Park) : This one of the best architectural mausoleums of Bangladesh. This place is the Mausoleum of Late President Ziaur Rahman who was killed in 1981. Late president Ziaur Rahman lies at the central place of this park. 


3. Old Dhaka : Dhaka was founded in 1608. It has an exiting history & rich cultural heritage. Old Dhaka is the best place to enjoy the touch of this heritage. You will find the ancient Dhaka in this place through finding many ancient buildings & narrow streets.


4. Shakhari Bazar : The best place to see Sea shell makers.


5. Sadar Ghat (Main River Station) : River always plays an important roll in Bangladesh. Sagarghat River station is the main point to come Dhaka by boat from Southern Bangladesh (Barisal, Khulna, Patuakhali) . Also take a short country boat trip.


6. Armenian Church (Armanitola) : Another interesting sight to visit in the old Dhaka, is the Armenian Church, in Armanitola, built in 1791 by the Armenian colony on Holy Church Road. The Baldah Gardens is another must see, in Wari. This is a botanical garden built under the patronage of the Maharajah of Baldah, and amongst other fine specimens, houses one of the few examples of the Amazon Lily in this part of the world.


7. Star Mosque : A very beautiful mosque of the city is situated at Mahuttuly on Abul Khairat Rd. Architecturally faultless (Mughal style) is a five-dome mosque with hundreds of big and small twinkling stars as surface decorations. The stars have been created by setting pieces of chinaware on white cement. Seen from the front and from far it looks as if shining above the


8. Lalbagh Fort : It was built in 1678 A.D. by Prince Mohammad Azam, son of Mughal emperor Aurangazeb. The fort was the scene of bloody battle during the first war of independence (1857) when 260 sepoys stationed here backed by the people revolted against British forces. Outstanding among the monuments of the Lalbagh are the tomb of Pari Bibi , Lalbagh Mosque, Audience Hall and Hammam of Nawab Shaista Khan now housing a museum. 

9. Central Shahid Minar : Symbol of Bengali nationalism. This monument was built to commemorate the martyrs of the historic Language movement of 1952. Hundreds and thousands of people with floral wreaths and bouquet gather on 21 February every year to pay respect in a solemn atmosphere. Celebrations begin at zero hour of midnight. Due to persuasion of Bangladesh Govt. UNESCO called 21 st February as International Mother Language Day.


10. Dhka University Campus : DU was called Oxford of the east. Established in 1921, Dhaka University students are playing important role in the history of Bangladesh. You will get the touch of history when visit Dhaka University.


12. National Museum : Rich with History & cultural history of Bangladesh.