Welcome to a site that features school projects.

Current Project:
Another Unity Racing Demo

This week was a bad one for this project. I am having difficulty with the car freaking out while turning on an incline. I didn't get to the track because of this. The goals for next week:
1. Test Track
2. Improve Car Physics
3. Change Car Place Holder 


The testing ground has been improved a little bit. Now features mountains that strain the vehicle and opens the flood gates to massive flaws in my code. The behavior of the vehicle has been improved (very basic active suspension), and brakes are in. The goals for next week are as follows.
1.    Further improvements on suspension
2.    Improve the Camera Follow and set up hood cam.
3.    Testing Ground Test Track.

I have basic handling in place that needs to be improved along with the testing ground. The next update should include brakes, better testing ground, and some sort of active suspension.

    Creation of the site and the start of a new project, A.U.R.D. Another Unity Racing Demo, Working title of course.