Rafael Neutral - Roger Capone - Matheus Collyer - Ilton Tiger

With heartfelt lyrics and energetic punk rock sound, Brazilian quartet Backdrop Falls were formed in 2016 in the city of Fortaleza as a studio project idealized by vocalist/songwriter Matheus Collyer. The project actually became a full band after the release of their first EP, when they started touring around their hometown of Fortaleza, taking their first steps and opening for bigger bands of the national scene.

After a few lineup changes, the band is now formed by Matheus Collyer (vocals/guitar), Rafael Neutral (guitar), Ilton Neto (bass) and Roger Capone (drums) and are now working on their first full-length, entitled “There’s no such place as home”, to be released in 2019.

With a solid lineup and their debut about to be released, the band have been touring around the country and working hard on earning a bigger space in the scene.

Back Of The Line - Official Music Video