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back bike baskets
    bike baskets
  • (Bike basket) A bicycle basket allows a bicycle rider to carry cargo or objects without using their hands. Baskets on children's bicycles and some utility bicycles are often mounted to the front handle bars and are made of wire mesh, wicker, or woven plastic.
  • Toward the rear; in the opposite direction from the one that one is facing or traveling
  • Expressing movement of the body into a reclining position
  • in or to or toward a former location; "she went back to her parents' house"
  • At a distance away
  • the posterior part of a human (or animal) body from the neck to the end of the spine; "his back was nicely tanned"
  • back(a): related to or located at the back; "the back yard"; "the back entrance"

dorky bike basket (blurry photo)
dorky bike basket (blurry photo)
I got a nice Wald basket last year and put it on my camping bike but then took it off because I felt like the biggest dork in the world. A couple weeks ago I put it back on and even though I still feel like the biggest geek in the world when other peeps see me with a basket on my bike I do have to admit that it is really really handy for hauling groceries. It just gives me one more reason to not drive my car.
bike basket birthday boo-boo
bike basket birthday boo-boo
Floyd's birthday portrait to kick off a "new year". Yesterday, in the back yard, in my bike basket. "Roberts' Fivehead Floyd" is his official registered name. The reason is that when he was a puppy my brother saw his photo and said, "That dog doesn't have a forehead-- he's got a FIVEhead." The wheel is from Lisa's bike, up on a stand. Chad is working on it for her, tuning it up.

back bike baskets