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Bike Parts Usa View

bike parts usa view
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Race Face broken crank - end view
Race Face broken crank - end view
The light turned green and I stood on the pedal to get the bike moving. The crank broke and I went down on my right hip, knee and elbow. The lady in the SUV behind me fortunately did not run me over, and was kind enough to give me a ride home. She said that her husband commutes by bicycle. Happened about 7:15 PM, 10/8/2009, westbound Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway trying to make a left onto Scholls, suburban Portland, Oregon, USA.
V I D E O -- Busse Woods Forest / Busse Lake -- Crane / Egret On The Rocks -- Crane Fishing Shoreline Near Dam -- Part I of III -- Video
V I D E O -- Busse Woods Forest / Busse Lake -- Crane / Egret  On The Rocks -- Crane Fishing Shoreline Near Dam -- Part I of III -- Video
October 5, 2009 -- I was headed for my favorite rock with a view of Busse Lake South Pool when I noticed this crane was nearby. Fortunately my dogs were well behaved and just sat right next to me while I recorded. Perhaps they didn't notice what I was filming. -- MVI_09_70520CraneOnRocks01

bike parts usa view
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