Lifting Equipment Engineers Association

lifting equipment engineers association
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lifting equipment engineers association - Insight Out
Insight Out (Deluxe Expanded Mono Edition)
Insight Out (Deluxe Expanded Mono Edition)
Digitally remastered and expanded mono edition of this 1967 album from the Sunshine Pop act including bonus tracks. Insight Out, The Association's third LP, sported two of the biggest singles of the band's career: 'Windy' and 'Never My Love.' Produced by Bones Howe (5th Dimension, The Turtles, Elvis Presley), Insight Out showcased The Association at the commercial peak of their powers. This edition features the original mono mix of the album, which has been out of print since 1967. The 16-page, full-color booklet includes rare, unpublished photos and extensive liner notes featuring the participation of original band members. Now Sounds.

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Please read carefully and thoroughly. Thank you!


NATIONAL CENTER 430 Mayon Street, 1114 Quezon City, M.M. PHILIPPINES

Serving members and promoters all over the Philippines.

Dear Child of Mary,

The Living Rosary is not ours; we are but poor instruments. We desire to promote this devotion as nearly identical as possible to the plan and format laid down by its foundress and blessed by Holy Mother the Church. In these days of confusion and trouble in the Church, disunity and individualism, what a mighty force for good the Living Rosary will be. As Children of Mary, we join together and propagate this mighty 'army of prayer' with oneness of purpose, intention and spirit. As Satan attacks this fortress, the strength of our unity will render him impotent!

The Living Rosary is no new devotion, but a continuation of the Rosary preached by St. Dominic and announced by Our Lady for centuries. The indulgences obtained from the Holy

See for this pious practice are such that each person praying his decade gains the merits and graces of the entire 15 decades each day. The power of ASSOCIATION further renders to each member a share in all the decades being prayed daily the world around.

The intentions of The Universal Living Rosary Association are twofold:

- The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

- The honor of St. Philomena, our Patroness and Protectress

This is a 'perpetual' Living Rosary, that is:

-YOU accept the decade assigned to you and faithfully pray it daily for the rest of your life.

- These obligations do not bind under pain of sin, but your effort and desire to remain

Faithful are necessary.

If you should decide that you no longer can or wish to pray this decade, we do understand. Our only concern is to keep the Rosaries as complete as possible. Please do let us know of your decision so that we may reassign your decade to another.

We make every attempt to post a quarterly newsletter, "Dedicated Decades," and this is an effort to encourage all to persevere and remain faithful. If you have any special intentions, we, are happy to receive them, and ask the entire 'family' to keep you in their good prayers. This

IS your army and it is through your efforts to spread the devotion, support the Association and I remain in close touch, that we are able to maintain the unity of the 'family' the world around. ~ This unity is precious -and powerful. /~

The entire apostolate is run out of our small home. We began its revival on December 8th, 1986 with thirty local members. A thousand fold blessed by Our Dear Lord and His Holy Mother, and

Under the powerful patronage of St. Philomena, we have grown to over 2,000,000 souls and have

Planted this singularly powerful devotion in every continent of the world. This Association was founded on the principle of the Propagation of the Faith; if each member will donate a 'small' (PESO) sum regularly, the needs of the whole will easily be met. We do our best to post religious articles and materials to our members. GOD IS WILLING TO GIVE US ALL; NOW ALL DEPENDS ON US. We have no other means of support than your kindness. If you cannot give, simply pray that our material needs are met.

If you are interested in becoming a member of The Universal

Living Rosary Association, please send us your complete name, accurate address and

Phone number. The National Center will then build a list of 15 names and when the Rosary is complete, we will mail you the decade you have been assigned, the day to begin plus a copy of our official newsletter.

Enrollments are processed ONCE a month only according to cutoff dates.

With our Daily Decade we can bring about the Triumph of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!

By its very nature, origin, and history, the Rosary was propagated for the purpose of the defense of the Faith. The associations of the Rosary are the battalions which, under the banner of the Immaculate Mother of God, fight the battle of Christ. These armies, of poor and learned alike, are mightier than the cannon and the sword and produce great fruit, miracles, and extraordinary graces for each individual and the whole Mystical Body of Christ. The Rosary is a prayer which will never be outmoded or supplanted by newer forms of devotion; it has come to us from Heaven!

The Living Rosary is a method adopted for the praying of the Rosary which consists in dividing the prayers among fifteen people; one mystery to each member. In this way, the precious devotion should be practiced every day entirely and through all fifteen people. The members, united spiritually, form with their hearts a 'Living Rose' in the flourishing field of Our Lady's Rosary Garden.

No matter what your age or situation, any soul willing to pray a decade of the Living Rosary faithfully may enroll. The association has no other standard but the Cross and no oth
Automobile Association c.1959
Automobile Association c.1959
The Automobile Association A.A.Ford Escort Motorway Patrol Van 'XLY 803' in action probably on the M1 around 1959. Seen here attending a Humber Snipe? the uniformed patrol man retains his cap and finds no need to roll up his jacket sleeves when correcting an errant engine.

lifting equipment engineers association
lifting equipment engineers association
In Praise of More
Limited edition two CD version includes a bonus CD that contains an instrumental version of the album. 2010 release, the third album from the British Indie Rock band. Although the majority of the songs on In Praise Of More were recorded by guitarist and songwriter Mark Peters, with the assistance of Dave Potter, new keyboardist Ulrich was on hand to offer advice and point out ways to make what were essentially home recordings sound as stately and elegant as they do. ''Music has much more impact when it is more immediate,'' explains Mark. ''When it is reworked time after time, it becomes more of a stylistic statement than an expression of how you feel.''

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