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Football Equipment Helmet

football equipment helmet
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football equipment helmet - Modern Sports
Modern Sports Helmets: Their History, Science and Art (Schiffer Books)
Modern Sports Helmets: Their History, Science and Art (Schiffer Books)
This wonderful new survey follows the evolution of the sports helmet from early military and aviation uses, through early motorcycle and auto racing, and to modern helmets used in a wide variety of sports today. The science of helmet design and manufacture is covered before moving into the art of the helmet. Helmets for six major sports are extensively covered: auto and motorcycle racing, bicycling, equestrian activities, skiing, football, and ice hockey. Some lesser known sports and their helmets are also included to give a fascinating and complete panorama of the field. The design innovations, both for safety and appearance, the colors, and the fascinating history will engage the reader, while nearly 600 color images will please even the most particular sports fan. For designers, players, scientists, and historians this book is a true delight.

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Ready for checkout
Ready for checkout
We moved all the equipment clear across town to an air-conditioned building as opposed to the metal mortar building we've checked out in the past. Makes for a very hot evening, this will be so much nicer.
Helmets 2
Helmets 2
The annual cleaning and disinfecting of our football league helmets. This is round one, we will have four more to go. Camp and checkout starts tomorrow.

football equipment helmet
football equipment helmet
Schutt Youth ION 4D Football Helmet without Faceguard (Black, Medium )
The Youth ION 4D uses thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) Cushioning that's been proven superior to traditional foam padding in game-like traditions. TPU Cushioning is resistant to mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria, and won't break down even after thousands of impacts! The Youth ION 4D features a two-piece SUREFIT inflatable air liner system that makes this the game's best fitting and most comfortable helmet. We've also changed the nose bumper/faceguard retainer on this helmet so that it now more closely resembles and performs like traditional nose bumpers.

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