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Back Bar Equipment

back bar equipment
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back bar equipment - Ka-Bar Black
Ka-Bar Black Kukri Machete
Ka-Bar Black Kukri Machete
Perfect for chopping down weeds, clearing a camp site or cutting small branches, the black KA-BAR machetes make great all-purpose utility knives.

Field-tested and -approved, the Ka-Bar Kukri machete is ideal for chopping down weeds, clearing a campsite, or cutting small branches. The machete is equipped with a 1085 Kukri-style carbon-steel blade that excels at chopping and basic field use, along with an ergonomically shaped Kraton G thermoplastic elastomer handle with a non-slip grip. The Kukri measures 17 inches overall with an 11-1/2-inch blade and comes with a black leather/Cordura combination sheath.

Blade shape: Kukri
Stamp: Taiwan
Edge angle: 20 degrees
Steel: 1085 carbon
Pocket clip: N/A
Lock style: N/A
Grind: Hollow
Handle: Kraton G
Blade length: 11-1/2 inches
Overall length: 17 inches
Weight: 1.7 pounds

81% (5)
Barred Owl on the wing and one in the tree
Barred Owl on the wing and one in the tree
To say these beautiful owls have been frustrating me would be an understatement...I am contemplating writing a blog here. The lighting is tough with spotlight brightness then dark shadows. The flight lines are meticulously thought out but they are wild so they fly where they want. There are numerous trees that always get in the way. So where to crop? There is another owl in the photo (lower right). Let's not forget that apparently there was a large spider and web (just to the right of the owl). I guess I could put the photo in a 'macro' set as well as a 'bird of prey' set. I have changed settings, DOF, used tripods, not used tripods...tried the Automatic modes...there I said it...went back to manual....tried various focusing tricks...I just cannot seem to get a tack sharp shot of these owls....I am not one for giving up....I will have quite a tally for hours spent in the woods chasing these things when and if I finally do get one....wish me luck ps: any tricks or tips would be greatly appreciated...short of buying another lens/equipment...the Bride said I would have plenty of more time to try since I would be living in the woods if I purchase any more equipment.
Mansfield Bar on truck
Mansfield Bar on truck
During the 1960s, the actress Jayne Mansfield was killed in a gruesome accident when the car in which she was riding rear-ended a slow moving truck in the fog. Her car went under the back of the truck. Accounts differ--some say she was beheaded by the impact, others that the impact scalped her, and others say that her wig was knocked off by the impact. Whatever the details of the wreck. regulations were enacted to add a low bar at the rear of truck trailers, to prevent a car from running underneath the trailer from behind. Jayne's tragic death has left a legacy of improved safety equipment.

back bar equipment
back bar equipment
Creative Fitness Door Gym
The Door Gym stands head and shoulders above the competition. This versatile device can be set up in seconds on almost any door frame and lets you work out in the convenience of your own home or office. It latches on without screws, bolts or fasteners, so you won't leave holes in your door trim. A cantilever design uses your own body weight (up to 300 lbs.) to keep it in place. Door Gym is more than a simple pull-up, chin-up bar. It also has two protruding close-grip handles that let you work out with your palms facing each other, a good position for isolating the muscles in the center of your back that control posture. In addition, you can use Door Gym on the ground as a push-up bar and a sit-up spotter.

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