Mashing up Discussions Before and After the "Is Blogging Dead? Yes, No, Other" Roundtable

This site is in itself sort of a mashup of a mashup, I suppose. This is based on on the "Is Blogging Dead? Backchannel. Computers and Writing 2011" Storify space created by Dennis Jerz, and I thank him for his permission to me for to copy and past that information here. My hope is that this site can help capture the presentation my colleagues and I made at the Computers and Writing Conference in Ann Arbor in May 2011, the "backchannel" Twitter discussion that came out of that session, and the "20/20 hindsight" view of the session weeks later.

Obviously this is in flux/revision. Maybe this will be edited/revised/added to over the next couple weeks. And then-- well, who knows? Maybe we'll have an article or something that some site/some entity might want to "publish" again?

 From the program:

E13 - Roundtable
Is Blogging Dead? Yes, No, Other
Room: NQ 2255

We propose a fast-paced roundtable where 11 bloggers and blog readers from academia, the computers and writing community, and beyond will each present a brief and tightly timed position on our proposal, “Is Blogging Dead? Yes, No, Other.” We intend to leave at least half of our allotted time to facilitate the interactions and to debate between panelists and audience members on the proposition.

Steven D. Krause, Eastern Michigan University; Judy Arzt, Saint Joseph College;  Aaron Barlow, New York City College of Technology (both Judy and Aaron couldn't make it);   Bradley Dilger, Western Illinois University; Virginia Kuhn, University of Southern California; Carrie A. Lamanna, Colorado State University; Elizabeth Losh, University of California, San Diego; Brian J. McNely, Ball State University; Andre Peltier, Eastern Michigan University; Brendan Riley, Columbia College Chicago.

#cwcon #e13 Is blogging dead? We settle the question in NQ2255. 17 minutes till the fracas starts! 
#cwcon #e13 Is blogging dead? An impassioned debate will make a great start to the morning. 
Krause introduced the speakers and the rules for this panel:  Three minute position statements with a time limit strictly enforced with an elephant trumpet alarm on his iPad.  And then Krause began his talk.

Krause: FB & Twitter sucking up bloggers; blogging dead as practice and most useful in relation to other social media around it. #cwcon #e13 
Is Blogging Dead? Steven Krause asks, do we mean the verb or noun? #cwcon #e13 
 Here are Krause's three minutes (words and slides in a video):